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Current Projects:

Animal Voices in Anglo-Saxon England. A book-length study of literary and cultural representations of animals in the Anglo-Saxon world. I put classical and early medieval philosophy, language theory, and grammatical discourse in conversation with current critical animal studies and posthumanist philosophy in order to interrogate the aesthetic, religious, and political uses of animal representation, and the borders and relations between human and non-human subjectivities.

"Margery Kempe and the Devotion to Sin.” A detailed study of the attitude to sin of the fifteenth-century English mystic and religious figure Margery Kempe.

Newspaper articles:

"Peruse This and Be Quick About It." New York Newsday, April 4, 1996, A53-54 (with Paul Lewis).

"'As if' or 'all out of there'? Awesome or the alternative?" Philadelphia Inquirer, July 1, 1996, A7 (with Paul Lewis)


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