Welcome to the Infant and Child Cognition Lab!

The Infant and Child Cognition Lab is situated in the Psychology Department at Boston College, headed by Dr. Sara Cordes. Research in the lab focuses on understanding how infants, children, and adults keep track of number and other quantities. We are interested in the development of number concepts, investigating how early abilities translate to later verbal counting and mathematics achievement.

We are currently recruiting 3-24 month old infants, 2-17 year old children, and Boston College undergraduates to participate in our studies. Please click on the links above to learn more about our studies and to learn how to participate!

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Visit our Count on Sharing website to learn more about new projects in our lab exploring the intersection of children's numerical abilities and prosocial development!

How to Participate

For parents of infants and children

In our lab, we are interested in the development of numerical abilities throughout the lifespan. Young infants are surprisingly good at tracking number and other quantities long before they learn how to speak. We study how these abilities change throughout infancy and childhood and their relationship to later understandings of formal mathematical concepts. In order to do so, we need your help!...more information>

For undergraduates

We are currently recruiting Boston College undergraduates and other adults to participate in studies in our lab to help us understand more about how we keep track of quantity...more information>