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To say that this website is "under development" would be a gross exaggeration, but I am using it to provide access to some documents related to current projects.



New Voices 2007


In the first half of the Spring 2007 semester, I am directing two original plays by Boston College student playwrights, No Child Left Behind by Megan Green and The Storykeeper by Patricia Noonan.  Information about these plays and auditions can be accessed through the following links.


NV2007 Audition Announcement -- auditions are December 1-2, 2006.  Read this "Audition Announcement" and "Audition Materials" if you are interested in auditioning for this production.


NV2007 Audition Materials


Familiarity with the New Voices 2007 plays is strongly advised before auditions.  The scripts can be read by following the links below.  (In posting the scripts to the web, some formatting glitches have cropped up.  Please pardon the distractions.)


No Child Left Behind -- this is the script, well, two-thirds of the script.  The rest is on its way.


The Storykeeper -- this is the script, although not the final draft.



Composition and Performance Workshop (CPW)


If you are interested in finding out more about this new course, which I am teaching in the Spring 2007 semester, please read the following documents.


CPW General Announcement


CPW Questions and Answers


CPW Preliminary Workshop