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Scripts and Stimuli


In the MAP Lab, we write scripts in MATLAB (The MathWorks, Natick, MA). The scripts posted below were written by and are the property of Scott D. Slotnick (or Lauren R. Moo, as specified). They are not to be used for financial gain, but rather are for open use by the fMRI and ERP community (use them at your own risk). If you find a bug, e–mail Type 'help script_name' (without the single quotes or .m) on the MATLAB command line to display basic script functionality and format.


Stimulus materials are also included on this page (see below). These stimuli were constructed by Scott D. Slotnick and the associated manuscript should be referenced if they are used for publication.


fMRI Scripts

Cluster extent thresholding, to correct for multiples comparisons. cluster_threshold_beta.m Modified 02/24/19.

If you download this script, e–mail with subject line 'cluster_threshold_beta mailing list' to receive updates (your e–address will never be shared) (See Slotnick, 2017, for defense of this method and other methods to correct for multiple comparisons)


Spatial autocorrelation estimation which can be entered into cluster_threshold_beta. img_xcorr.m Modified 7/6/08. (To use this function, you must first install – download, unzip, and set path to – Piotr's Computer Vision Matlab Toolbox)


Run concatenation. concat_runs.m Modified 8/7/06.


NIfTI to analyze format conversion. nii2img.m Modified 2/21/18. (To use this function, you must first install – download, unzip, and set path to – Tools for NIfTI and ANALYZE image by Jimmy Shen)


DICOM to analyze format conversion. dcm2img.m Modified 8/6/06.


Region of interest (ROI) identification. img_ROI_identify.m Modified 1/10/18.


MNI to Talairach coordinate conversion (for SPM results). mni2tal.m Modified 12/14/03.


Talairach to MNI coordinate conversion (for ROI analysis). tal2mni.m Modified 1/8/05. Written by L. Moo.


ERP Script

E–Prime InLine code that sends a trigger to the parallel port at event onset. trigger_onset.txt Modified 1/10/10.



Abstract shapes designed to limit verbal processing. There are 6 lists of 48 shapes (1–48, 51–98, 101–148, 151–198, 201–248, 251–298), where the prototype shape is labeled E0, the studied exemplars are labeled E1–E9, and the nonstudied exemplar is labeled E10. For a detailed description, see Slotnick and Schacter (2004) and the Supplement. Slotnick & Schacter (2004) Abstract (for prototypes without internal lines, download Slotnick & Schacter (2004) Abstract Shapes (no internal lines).zip).