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The Marshall Mathers LP
This album tells the story of Eminem's (aka. Marshall Mathers') rise to fame through oft criticized songs about his familial issues with his mother and ex wife, his drug use, his effect on America's youth and his response to his critics. Eminems lyrical genius and ability to create not only good lines, but lines that have meaning and tell a story are extremely prevalent in this album.
Revovery is one of Eminems more, as he put it, "emotionally driven" than his other studio albums. The album tells of his struggles with drugs and how he has since overcome them. While the album is somewhat unstructured, it is Eminems most energetic work since the Marshall Mathers LP.
The Slim Shady LP
In his second studio album and major-label debut, Eminem introduces his alter ego "Slim Shady". Slim shady is a foul mouthed trailer park kid who raps about committing brutal acts of violence. The album features Eminems extremely vivd imagination combined with his vast vocabulary and ability to pronounce words that normally wouldn't rhyme so that they could rhyme.