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Dacey, John S - Part Time Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences

DaCosta, Jeffrey M - Assistant Professor of the Practice, Biology Department

Daggett, Karen

Dakova, Mariela

Dale, Karen T - Part Time Faculty, Graduate School of Social Work

Daly, Robert J - Professor Emeritus, Theology Department

Dan, Toni P - Part Time Faculty, Fine Arts Department

David, Gabrielle C - Visiting Assistant Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Davidovits, Paul - Professor, Chemistry Department

Deese, David A - Professor, Political Science Department

Defusco, Andrea C - Part Time Faculty, English Department

Dempewolff, Judith - Part Time Faculty, Psychology Department

Derber, Charles - Professor, Sociology Department

Desilva, Angela

Di Santo, Valentina - Part Time Faculty, Biology Department

Dicarlo, Peter - Part Time Faculty, Carroll Graduate School of Management

Doherty, Paul C - Associate Professor, English Department

Donnellan, Gerard J - Advancing Studies Faculty, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Donovan, Peter A - Professor Emeritus, Law School

Donovan-Kranz, Eileen - Adjunct Associate Professor, English Department

Driscoll, William T - Part Time Faculty, Operations & Strategic Management, CSOM

Duffy, Mary E - Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing

Duggan, Ashley P - Associate Professor, Communication Department

Duket, Timothy A - Adjunct Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Dunn, Mary K - Associate Professor, Assistant Chairperson, Biology Department

Dzhogleva, Hristina R


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