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Falconi, Silvana - Part Time Faculty, Romance Languages & Literatures Department

Fallon, Francis - Advancing Studies Faculty, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Fan, Wen - Assistant Professor, Sociology Department

Fedorchuk, Maksym

Fichman, Robert - Professor, Assistant Chairperson, Information Systems, CSOM

Field, Joy M - Associate Professor, Operations & Strategic Management, CSOM

Fisher, Dalmar

Fishman, Donald A - Associate Professor, Assistant Chairperson, Communication Department

Flagg, James F - Adjunct Professor, French Language & Literature

Flagg, Margaret

Flanagan, Jane M - Assistant Professor, Adult Health Nursing

Fleming, Robin - Professor, History Department

Folker, Eric S

Foote, Laura M

Fos, Vyacheslav

Franklin, Anderson J - Professor, Honorable David S. Nelson Chair, Lynch School of Education, Counseling/Dev/Psych

Frechette, Christopher G

Frederick, Rhonda - Associate Professor, English Department

Freudenburg, Rachel - Associate Professor, German Studies Department

Friedberg, Solomon - Professor, Chairperson, Mathematics Department

Friedman, Audrey A - Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education, Teacher Education

Friedman, Ellen G - Part Time Faculty, Arts & Sciences, Interdisciplinary

Fulford, Scott L - Assistant Professor, Economics Department


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