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Gallagher, Sheila E

Gallaugher, John M - Associate Professor, Information Systems, CSOM

Gao, Jianmin - Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department

Garcia, Kimberly

Garcia, Laura

Gaster, Jonah B - Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department

Gelfand, Mark I - Associate Professor, History Department

Geraghty, David J

Ghobrial, Atef N - Part Time Faculty, Dept of Slavic & Eastern Languages and Literatures

Gill, David H

Gillihan, Yonder - Assistant Professor, Theology Department

Gionfriddo, Jane K - Associate Professor of LRRW, Law Faculty

Gips, James - Professor, John R. and Pamela C. Egan Chair, Chairperson, Information Systems, CSOM

Glynn, Mary Ann T

Goizueta, Roberto S - Prof., Margaret O'Brien Flatley Chair in Catholic, Theology Department

Gordon, Cindy M - Part Time Faculty, Graduate School of Social Work

Gottschalk, Peter T - Research Professor, Economics Department

Grace, Pamela J - Associate Professor, Adult Health Nursing

Graf, Michael J - Professor, Assistant Chairperson, Physics Department

Graver, Elizabeth - Professor, English Department

Gray, Ericka B - Part Time Faculty, Law Faculty

Gray, Peter O - Part Time Faculty, Psychology Department

Greene, Joshua E - Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department

Greene, Stephanie M - Chairperson, Honors Program, Carroll School of Management

Greenfield, Harold K - Professor, Law Faculty

Greenstein, Nettie K

Griffith, William

Grigsby, Julia E - Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department

Grimes, Matthew T - Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department

Gross, Robert - Associate Professor, Mathematics Department

Gubbels, Johannes M

Guider, Margaret E - Associate Professor, School of Theology & Ministry, Weston Jesuit


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