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Hafner, Donald L - Professor, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Political Science Department

Hale, Dennis B - Associate Professor, Political Science Department

Hall, Kathryn E - Part Time Faculty, School of Nursing

Hamm, James H - Part Time Faculty, Sociology Department

Haney, Walter M - Professor, Lynch School of Education, Educational Research

Hantzis, Constantine C

Hargreaves, Andrew - Professor, The Thomas More Brennan Chair, Lynch School of Education, Teacher Education

Harrington, Anne M

He, Ruihua - Assistant Professor, Physics Department

Heberlein, Andrea S - Lecturer, Psychology Department

Hecht, Stuart J - Associate Professor, Theater Department

Helmick, Raymond

Hepburn, John C - Professor, Geology and Geophysics Department

Hession-Kunz, Andrew - Part Time Faculty, Finance, Carroll School of Management

Heyman, Gene M - Lecturer, Psychology Department

Higgins, Loretta - Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing

Himes, Kenneth R - Associate Professor, Theology Department

Hinsdale IHM, Mary Ann - Associate Professor, Theology Department

Hoderlein, Stefan G - Associate Professor, Economics Department

Hoffman, Charles - Professor, Biology Department

Hoffman, Gail L

Holderness, Clifford G - Professor, Finance, Carroll School of Management

Hollenbach, David - Human Rights and International Justice Univ. Chair, Center for Human Rights & International justice

Holmstrom, Lynda L - Professor Emerita, Sociology Department

Hon, Rudolph - Associate Professor, Geology and Geophysics Department

Hotchkiss, Edith - Associate Professor, Finance, Carroll School of Management

Houchin, John H - Associate Professor, Theater Department

Hoveyda, Amir H - Professor, Patricia & Joseph T. Vanderslice Chair, Chairperson, Chemistry Department

Howard, Benjamin V - Associate Professor, Mathematics Department

Howe, Jeffery W - Professor, Fine Arts Department, Art History

Hughes, Mary J - Adjunct Professor, Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Hulse, Thomas A - Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department

Hurd, Tracey L - Part Time Faculty, Lynch School of Education, Counseling/Dev/Psych

Hurwitz, Irving

Huse, Thomas A - Advancing Studies Faculty, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Hutton, Amy P - Professor, Accounting Department, CSOM


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