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Ladd, George T - Professor Emeritus, Lynch School of Education, Teacher Education

Lamparska, Rena - Professor, Italian Language & Literature

Landraitis, Charles K - Associate Professor, Mathematics Department

Landy, Marc - Professor, Assistant Chairperson, Political Science Department

Langer, Ruth - Associate Professor, Theology Department

Langlois, Michael A - Part Time Faculty, Graduate School of Social Work

Laski, Elida V - Assistant Professor, Lynch School of Education, Counseling/Dev/Psych

Lawrence, Frederick G - Associate Professor, Theology Department

Lawson, Alan

Lee, Thomas O - Professor, Music Department

Lee, Vera G - Professor Emeritus, Romance Languages & Literatures Department

Lehmann, Brian T - Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department

Lemon, Katherine N - Professor, The Accenture Professorship, Marketing, CSOM

Lewbel, Arthur - Barbara A. and Patrick E. Roche Chair in Economics, Economics Department

Lewis, Adam C - Assistant Professor, English Department

Lewis, Paul - Professor, English Department

Li, Guanyi - Instructor, Economics Department

Li, Tao

Li, Tao - Professor, Mathematics Department

Li, Zhuoxin - Instructor, Information Systems, CSOM

Li, Zhushan

Liang, Belle - Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education, Counseling/Dev/Psych

Lindop, Laura M - Part Time Faculty, English Department

Lindsey, Kathryn A

Liu, Joseph - Professor, Law Faculty

Liu, Nan - Assistant Professor, Operations Management, CSOM

Liu, Shih-Yuan - Professor, Chemistry Department

Livon-Grosman, Ernesto

Lo, Kin Y - Assistant Professor, Accounting Department, CSOM

Long, Terry A - Advancing Studies Faculty, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Lowery, Laura Anne - Assistant Professor, Biology Department

Lowrie, Katherine - Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science

Lowry, Ritchie P - Professor, Sociology Department

Lu, Fang

Lubben, James E - Professor, Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair, GSSW, Older Adults and Families

Lugira, Aloysius M - Adjunct Associate Professor, Theology Department

Lydenberg, Robin - Professor, English Department

Lykes, M Brinton - Professor, Chairperson, Lynch School of Education, Counseling/Dev/Psych

Lynch, John C - Student in Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, class of 2011


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