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O'Connor, Brian R - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Italian Language & Literature

O'Connor, Clare - Associate Professor, Biology Department

O'Connor, Mark F - Adjunct Professor, Director, Arts and Sciences Honors Program

O'Dwyer, Laura

O'Hara, Michael W

O'Keefe, William J - Advancing Studies Faculty, Woods College of Advancing Studies

O'Neil, Jean A - Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing

O'Reilly, Vincent - Senior Lecturer, Accounting Department, CSOM

Oei, Shu-Yi

Ogren, Marilee - Part Time Faculty, Psychology Department

Olivieri, C Peter - Associate Professor, Information Systems, CSOM

Olivieri, Rita J - Associate Professor, Adult Health Nursing

Olson, David S - Assistant Professor, Law Faculty

Orlando, Joseph A

Orson, Patrick H - Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department


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