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Radin, Robert - Lecturer, Carroll Graduate School of Management

Rallis, Nancy - Associate Professor, Mathematics Department

Ran, Ying - Assistant Professor, Physics Department

Reeder, Mark - Professor, Mathematics Department

Regan, Jane - Associate Professor, School of Theology & Ministry, IREPM

Regan, Tracy L - Adjunct Associate Professor, Economics Department

Reinburg, Virginia

Reisberg, Liz - Part Time Faculty, Research Associate, Lynch School of Education, Ed. Admin/Higher Ed.

Resler, Michael - Professor, Chairperson, German Studies Department

Restuccia, Frances - Professor, English Department

Reuter, Jonathan M - Assistant Professor, Finance, Carroll School of Management

Reynolds, Paul A - Part Time Faculty, Communication Department

Rhodes, Elizabeth - Associate Professor, Spanish Language & Literature

Richard, Loretta R

Richardson, Alan - Professor, English Department

Richardson, Samuel S - Associate Professor of the Practice, Economics Department

Riggin, Patricia - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Theater Department

Rind, Miles - Part Time Faculty, Philosophy Department

Roberts, Mary F - Professor, Chemistry Department

Roberts, Susan A - Senior Lecturer, English Department

Rocchio, Vincent F - Part Time Faculty, Communication Department

Rogers, Alan - Professor, History Department

Rosen, Karen - Associate Professor, Psychology Department

Rosen, Ned I - Associate Professor, Mathematics Department

Rosenberg, Nelly

Rubin, Ron S

Rusch, Debbie - Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language & Literature

Russell, James - Professor, Psychology Department

Ryu, Ehri - Assistant Professor, Psychology Department


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