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Acheson, Jean L - Staff Nurse 14, Health Services Department

Adams, Maura L - Storage Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services, Systems Managemnt

Adams, Nancy - Evening Supervisor, Social Work Library

Adar, Dora

Adrien, Kristen T

Ahern, Joseph

Ahmed, Mouddud - Student in Woods College of Advancing Studies, class of 2022

Aiello, Joseph

Akchoti, Artemis

Albano, Frank - Senior Facilities Supervisor, Office of Residential Life

Alden, Theresa R - Administrative Assistant, Center For Catholic Education

Alger, Ellen - Health Services Aide, Health Services Department

Allard, Eric

Allen, Kristen - Associate Director, Sports Medicine, Sports Medicine

Alvarado, Modesta B

Alvarez, Maria - Human Resources Service Center Representative, Human Resources Service Center

Amadeus, Musa - Student in Carroll Grad School of Management, class of 2015

Ames, Jeff - Senior Unix Systems Administrator, Systems Administration, ITS

Ancheta, Tina - Business Systems Support Analyst, Financial Systems, Controller's Office

Anderson, Meagan T - General Service Worker, Dining Services, Corcoran Commons

Anderson, Wanda - Senior Reference Librarian/Bibliographer, O'Neill Library

Andrade, Jeff C

Andronache, Constantin - Research Associate, Research Services, ITS

Angelats, Dorita - Cashier/Line 30, Dining Services, Lyons Hall

Arey, George A - Interim Director, Office of Residential Life

Armstead, Sharvin

Arnold, Matthew W

Ascencio, Jose A - Telephone Operator I, Information Technology Services, Admin Services

Aslane, Abdelhak - Second Cook, Dining Services, Newton

Augusta, Deborah - Gift Securities Administrator, Office of the Associate Treasurer

Auguste, Daniel

Austria, Lucia E

Autissier, Patrick - Cell Sorting Facility Manager, Biology Department


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