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Babbin, Paul

Bai, Dongning - Opscan Analyst / Student Systems Information Speci, Student Services

Bailey, Frank

Bairos, Daniel

Bakalo, Margaret C

Baker, Alice B

Baker, Nancy - Associate Director, Nursing & Administration, Health Services Department

Bandyopadhyay, Anupam - Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry Department

Barba, Theresa M

Barciauskas, Jonas - Head, Collection Development, O'Neill Library

Barges, Eugenia V

Bariakhtar, Irina

Barillas, Jorge A - Third Cook, Dining Services, Newton

Barnett, Sheppard J - Associate Director, Theater Arts Center

Baron, Charles H

Barrett, Suzanne - Director, Connors Family Learning Center

Barros, Bartolomeu - Manager, Academic, Student & Alumni Applications, Information Technology Services, Application Svcs

Bates, Janet C - Associate Director, Career Counseling & Education, Career Center

Beardsworth, Jeffrey B - Associate Director, Student Accounts, Student Services

Beaulieu, Diane

Bebell, Damian

Belbase, Anek

Belony, Jean Claude

Benjamin, Mark J - Technology Support Supervisor, Information Technology Services, Media Tech Svcs

Benning, Katherine J

Bentley, Steven E - Facilities Systems Analyst, Information Services, Facilities Managment

Berado, Danielle J

Bercovitz, Michael - Appliance Repair Technician, Electrical Shop

Bergin, Christopher L - Trade Book Manager, Follett Bookstore Operations

Berkowitz, Norman H

Bernier, Brian - Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Information Technology Services, Enterprise Infras

Bernstein, Leigh

Berry, Kathleen

Berzinis, Daneille E - Assistant Director for Research Administration, Institute for Scientific Research

Biggar, Raymond G

Birnbaum, Ben - Executive Director/Special Assistant to the Presid, Office of Marketing Communications

Bisceglia, Carol - Text Book Manager, Follett Bookstore Operations

Biswas, Sanchali

Black, Christian - Senior Computer Operator, Information Technology Services, System Operations

Bogdan, John

Boissonneau, Paul

Bonitto, Paul A

Borel, Thomas - Senior Network Systems Engineer, Network Services

Borge, Elizabeth A - Senior Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Admission

Bortolotto, Scott C

Bosquet, Wendy - Cashier/Line, Dining Services, Newton

Bourque, Michael - Vice President, Information Technology, Information Technology Services, Office of the VP

Bowes, Patricia - Accounting Manager, Auxiliary Services

Boylan, John G

Boyle, Sharon - Fiscal & Operations Specialist, University Advancement, Sr Vice President's Office

Bracciotti, Peter M - Architectural Designer, Capital Planning and Engineering

Brainard, Laura - Technology Consultant, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Breda, Karen - Legal Information Librarian / Lecturer in Law, Law Library

Bresnahan, James

Bridden, Paul

Bridgwood, Christopher - Research Analyst, Institute for Scientific Research

Brindle, Rachele V - Custodian, Custodial Department

Brislin, Jay E - Manager, Capacity & Performance, Information Technology Services, Systems Managemnt

Brodie, Paul

Browman, Alexander - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology

Brown, John G

Bryan, Stephanie A - Staff Assistant, Lynch School of Education

Buckley, Stephen M - Manager Network Infrastructure, Network Services

Burdick, Barbara - Administrative Assistant, Carroll School of Management

Burke, Cara S - Staff Assistant, English Department

Burke, Maureen A - Graduate Programs Assistant, Psychology Department

Burke, Timothy J

Burns, Beth A - Manager, Human Resources, Dining Services

Burns, John J - Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculties

Burns, Michael - Research Associate, Physics Department

Burraston, James R

Bycinte, James


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