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Cabral, Michael - Patrol Officer, Boston College Police Department

Cadogan, Anthony

Cahill, Mary E

Cain, Patrick

Calder, Ingrid J

Calderon, Ana

Campbell, Kenneth

Cao, Yushen - Cashier/Line, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Cappadona, Paul - Transportation & Parking Manager, Transportation & Parking

Carberry, Walter - Custodian, Custodial Department

Cardinaux, Anne L

Carini, Angelo - Lead Landscape Worker/Truck Driver w/ LCC, Grounds Maintenance Department

Carpenter, Christopher A - Director, Service Delivery Systems, Information Technology Services, Appl & Syst Svcs

Carrano, Charles S - Sr Research Physicist/P I, Institute for Scientific Research

Carroll, Pamela A - Security Attendant, Boston College Police Department

Casey, Beth - Research Associate, Professor Emeritus, Lynch School of Education, Counseling/Dev/Psych

Casey, Brian - First Cook, Dining Services, Newton

Casey, John C - Lead Athletic Maintenance II, Athletic Maintenance

Castricum, Sarah - Instructional Designer, Instructional Design and eTeaching Services

Caswell McCarron, Christine - Assistant to the Chairperson, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Communication Department

Caze, Max - Custodian, Custodial Department

Cederman, Paul E

Cella, Joseph A - Web Maintenance Specialist, Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences

Centola, Sadie N

Centurino, Victoria A - Student in Lynch School of Education, class of 2019

Chacon, Jorge L

Chadwick, Elizabeth

Chaharyn, Kyle W

Chaharyn, Leo K - Director, Systems Management, Information Technology Services, Systems Managemnt

Chan, Jennifer - Cashier/Line, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Chancey, Maureen E - Administrative Assistant, Accounting Department, CSOM

Chebator, Paul J - Senior Associate Dean for Student Development, Office of the Dean for Student Development

Chen, Wei

Cheverie, Mary Elizabeth

Chobit, Ruth A - Assistant Director, Special Projects, Human Resources Service Center

Cichello, Christine Kamp

Cinelli, David

Clark, James

Clarke, Nancy J - Administrative Assistant, Facilities Management

Clarke, Sean L - Senior Fiscal Assistant, Auxiliary Services

Clasby, Edward M - Senior Database Administrator, Information Technology Services, Application Svcs

Cleary, Damian A - Associate Help Desk Specialist, Help Desk, Information Technology Services

Clements, James M - A/V Project Manager/Tech Support Specialist, Information Technology Services, Media Tech Svcs

Cohen, Betty - Information Services Specialist, Center on Aging and Work

Cohen, Margaret - Head Librarian, Educational Resource Center, Educational Resource Center

Cole-Lauziere, Jerri - Associate Director, Procurement, Support Services, Procurement Services

Coleman, Donna - Assistant Manager, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Coleman, Kenneth - Assistant Manager, Housekeeping, Custodial Department

Coleman, Patrick T - Manager, Finance & Administration, Arts & Sciences Service Center

Coleman, Stephanie - Business Manager, Business Service Center, Student Affairs

Comolli, Michael R

Confoy, Maryanne

Conley, Bernadette

Conley, Jonathan

Connell, Kimberly A

Connelly, John P - Menu Systems Administrator, Auxiliary Services

Connelly, Michael

Conner, Mark J - Assistant Treasurer, Office of the Associate Treasurer

Connolly, Helen

Connolly, Paul T - Director, Graphic Design & Publication Production, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Conroy, Christine - Associate University Librarian, Collection Service, Office of the University Librarian

Cooke, George J - Technical Supervisor, Theater Arts Center

Corazzini, Arnie - HVAC Mechanic, HVAC Shop

Corcoran, William P - Associate Director, Procurement Operations, Procurement Services

Cordella, Christopher - Bursar & Director, Operations, Student Services

Corkum, David - Director, Media Technology Services, Information Technology Services, Media Tech Svcs

Cormier, John

Costa, Christina J - Associate Director of Research - Secondary Data St, Center on Aging and Work

Costa, James - Senior Associate Director, Alumni Signature Progra, Alumni Relations

Cotton, Clare M

Couture, Neal J - Associate Dean, Administration & Finance, Dean's Office, Woods College of Advancing Studies

Craig, Carol - Associate Project Manager, Information Technology Services, Project Mgmt Off

Creamer, David - Patrol Officer/EMT, Boston College Police Department

Cripps, Derrick B - General Manager, Dining Services, Corcoran Commons

Cronin, Kerry M - Associate Director, Lonergan Institute, Philosophy Department

Croxen, Renee - Help Desk Specialist, Information Technology Services, SLSC

Curley, Erin O - Assistant Director, Pre-Medical Programs, Biology Department


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