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D'Amelio, Robert - First Cook, Catering, Dining Services

Da Costa, Manuel - Mail Clerk, Mail Services Department

Dacosta, Maria - Custodian, Custodial Department

Dahlberg, William G - Associate Help Desk Specialist, Help Desk, Information Technology Services

Daley, Wayne

Dalgin, Rani E - Senior Research Associate, Research Services, ITS

Daly, Nancy

Darcy, Christopher - Associate Director, Student Formation Programs, Office of Residential Life

David, JoJo P - Associate Campus Minister, Campus Ministry

Davidson, Sara

Davis, Laurel E

De Leo, Domenic A - Associate Director, Career Counseling for Grad Prg, Career Center

De Luca, Jessica A

Delay, Susan H - Senior Research Analyst, Institute for Scientific Research

Denny, Reginald

Derival, Winebil

Desmond, Joseph P - Sergeant, Boston College Police Department

Desravines, Jory V

Destefano, Robert

Devlin, Barbara A - Fiscal/Administrative Specialist, Boston College Police Department

Devoe, James - Assistant Manager, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Dias, Michelle

Didier, Evan G - Associate Director, Admissions & Enrollment Analyt, Admissions/Financial Aid/Records, Law School

Dilworth, William B - Senior Associate Director, Web Content Development, Office of Marketing Communications

Dimitrova, Christina - Assistant Director, International Development, Office of International Programs

Dionne, Alfred N - Principal Programmer Analyst, Information Technology Services, Application Svcs

Dixon, Bruce - HVAC Mechanic, HVAC Shop

Doherty, Patricia H

Dolan, Anne M

Domin, Marek - Director, Mass Spectrometry Center, Chemistry Department

Donegan, Amy M - Associate Director, Career Counseling & Education, Career Center

Dorsey, Gemma L - Associate Director, Major Giving, Capital Giving, Development

Dotu, Ivan - Research Assistant Professor, Biology Department

Doucette, Kenneth

Dower, Doreen A - Lead Work Order Assistant, Work Order Center

Doyle, Joanna H - Administrative Assistant, Romance Languages & Literatures Department

Doyle, Marion S

Drinan, Helen L - Receptionist, Law Faculty

Dueweke, Robert

Duffield, John - Project Manager, Capital Projects Management

Duffy, Kevin P

Dunsford, Clare M - Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Durr, Mary T - Director, Technology Consultants, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Dwyer, Alexandra L - Assistant Director, Classes, Young Alumni, Annual Giving, Development

Dybaud, Herve A - Custodian, Custodial Department


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