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Fadner, Sydney - Coach, Fencing, Athletics Department

Fandel, Henry R - Plumber, Plumbing Shop

Fantasia, Heidi C - Research Associate, School of Nursing

Farrah, Deanna R

Farrell, Roy - Sergeant, Boston College Police Department

Favreau, Patricia - Fiscal Coordinator, Continuing Education, School of Nursing

Fell, Elizabeth R

Feller, Peter

Ferry, Margery A - Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences

Figueiredo, Joseph M - Foreman, Carpentry Shop, Carpentry Shop

Figueiredo, Osvald C - Carpenter, Carpentry Shop

Finn, Melissa A

Fisher, Phillip J - Cashier/Line, Catering, Dining Services

FitzGibbon, John E - Programs Manager, Center For Teaching Excellence

Flaherty, Paul D - Concessions Events Manager, Athletic Concessions

Fleming, Bryan C

Flibotte, Margaret - Manager, Production and Data Services, Information Technology Services, Prod & Data Svcs

Florin, Benjamin S - Web Developer, O'Neill Library

Flynn, Paul T

Fonseca, Susan C - Director, Administration, The Center for Corporate Citizenship

Fothergill, Walter

Fournier, Jeffrey A - Second Cook, Catering, Dining Services

Francois, Buteau

Frank, Andrea M - Curator of Visual Resources, Fine Arts Department

Fraone, Jennifer S

Frazier, Deena - Acquisitions & Electronic Resources Librarian, Law Library

Fulton, Mary E - Associate Dean for Finance, Research & Administrat, Lynch School of Education


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