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Gaesser, Brendan - Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Psychology Department

Galia Jr, Joseph H - Statistician/Programmer, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Galli, Kenneth G - Laboratory Manager, Geology and Geophysics Department

Galligan, Elizabeth - Staff Assistant, School of Nursing

Galvin, Mary M - Assistant Director, Administrative Services, University Advancement, Sr Vice President's Office

Gannon, Patrick T - Patrol Officer II, Boston College Police Department

Ganson, Barbara

Gao, Ruoyun - Predictive Analytics/Enrollment Data Specialist, Enrollment Management Dean's Office

Garcia, Pedro

Gardner, Kimberlee - Associate Director, Admissions, Law School

Garrity, Kimberly - HRIT Analyst, Human Resources Service Center

Gartner, William - Director, Athletic Tech Services, Athletics Department

Gary, John - Senior Unix Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services, Systems Managemnt

Gately, Mark J - Senior Technical Support Advisor, Information Technology Services, SLSC

Gates, Maureen

Gaudet, Raymond J

Geary, Marie R

Gee, Shirley

Gene, Cherline

Gentile, Lisa A - Administrative Assistant, University Mission and Ministry

Gentilella, Dacia J - Learning Skills Specialist, Learning to Learn

Gilien, Thea

Gillis, Noel M - Technology Consultant, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Gleason, Bernard W

Goh, Shirley - Assistant Director, Communications & Media Relatio, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Goizueta, Elizabeth T

Goode, Marilyn A - Manager, Business & Administrative Services, Office of the University Librarian

Gorham, John S

Gouveia, Adam - Custodian, Custodial Department

Graf, Erica L - Undergraduate Programs Administrator, Carroll School of Management

Grant, Michael J

Grealish, Paula J - Administrative Assistant, Learning to Learn

Greene, Edmund C - Senior Applications Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services, Enterprise Infras

Greene, Edward G - Architectural Designer, Capital Planning and Engineering

Groden, Thomas H - Head Coach, Men & Women's Swimming & Diving, Men's Swimming

Groth, Jennifer L - Administrative Assistant, Health Services Department

Grove, Shari T

Grubb, Michael D

Guerrero, Eriliza - Assistant Director, Student Employment, Student Services

Guevara, Jose

Guilbert, Kim - Network Project Manager, Network Services

Guilmet, Stephen - Applications Developer, Information Technology Services, Application Svcs


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