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Hagerty, Michael - Research Scientist, Weston Observatory

Hajj, Henri J - Senior Technical Support Advisor, Information Technology Services, SLSC

Hall, Nancy G - Acting Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Hall, Nathan

Hallee, Susan J - Programmer Analyst, Information Technology Services, Application Svcs

Halloran, Kathleen M

Halpern, Lawrence

Hand, Glenn

Hanna, Morcos H

Haran, Paul P

Harn, Karen A - Administrative Assistant, Capital Giving, Development

Harrington, Joseph E - Director, Network Services, Network Services

Hart, Patricia S

Hartshorne, Joshua

Harvey, Kevin A - Student in Lynch Graduate School of Education, class of 2012

Hastings, John - Senior Applications Server Administrator, Middleware & Architecture, ITS

Hastings, Lisa M - Executive Director of Development, LSOE & STM, School Development

Hatzis, Peter A

Hay, Samuel W - Student in School of Theology and Ministry, class of 2015

Hayes, Linda M - Reserve Services Assistant, O'Neill Library

Healey, David P

Heartz, Serena - Administrative Assistant, Graduate School of Social Work

Heffernan, Ryan - Campus Minister, Campus Ministry

Hegarty, John - Operations Administrator, Men's Hockey, Men's Ice Hockey

Heineman, John L

Heiphetz, Larisa - Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Psychology Department

Herbstzuber, Robert J - Technology Consultant, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Herd, Fawyn

Hering, Elizabeth - Practicum Program Specialist, Practicum Office, LSOE

Herlihy, Darren M - Assistant Director, Cable TV & Video Services, Information Technology Services, Media Tech Svcs

Hernandez, Cristobal - Security Attendant, Boston College Police Department

Hess, Peter - Learning Technologies Administrator, Instructional Design and eTeaching Services

Heywood, Catherine C

Hinds, Margaret A

Hoage, Christine M - Manager of Finance, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Hobin, Yolanda - Nurse Practitioner, Health Services Department

Hoche, Eric J

Holmberg, Megan E

Holmes, Barbara R - Accounting Assistant, General Accounting, Controller's Office

Holmes, Rita M

Homan, Sherm - Technology Consultant, Computing Support Services, IT

Homza, Anne E - Project Director, Lynch School of Education, Teacher Education

Homzie, Leslie R - Senior Reference Librarian/Bibliographer, O'Neill Library

Houston, Paulette L

Howard, Amy

Howard, Mary C - Manager, Office Administration, Center for the Study of Testing Eval & Educ Policy

Howard, Michelle

Howe, Robert V - Associate Dean for Admission and Administration, Admissions & Financial Aid, GSAS

Howe, Sandra M - Administrative Assistant, Finance, Carroll School of Management

Howell, Burton - Director, Intersections Project

Howley, Richard J - Video/TV Operations Supervisor, Information Technology Services, Media Tech Svcs

Huang, Adam

Huang, Run Ling

Huang, Tingliang

Hunt, Peter W - Assistant Director, Stdt. Prgms. & Car. Counseling, Career Center

Huynh, Donna D - Custodian, Custodial Department

Hynes, Susan J - Director, Business Services/Financial Analyst, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculties


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