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Kachmar, Theresa A - Records Specialist, Law School, Academic Services

Kaloostian, Lisa J - Administrative Assistant, Center on Wealth and Philanthropy

Kane, Edward J

Kane, Rebecca S

Karachi, Khalid

Karachi, Sami A - Manager, Information Technology Consultants, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Karr, Enid Y - Reference Librarian/Bibliographer, O'Neill Library

Kasprzak, Craig E

Kassie, Endawoke Y - Senior Research Physicist, Institute for Scientific Research

Katsulas, John P - Director of Debate, Fulton Debating Society

Kawkabani, Chadi A - General Merchandise Manager, Follett Bookstore Operations

Kazarosian, Mark V - Part Time Faculty, Economics Department

Keaney, William F - Director, Field Education, Field Office, GSSW

Kelly, Barbara J - Administrative Assistant, Law School

Kelly, Christopher P - Security Attendant, Boston College Police Department

Kelly, Mary L

Kelly, Theresa E

Kenny, Maureen E - Associate Dean, Lynch School of Education

Kenyon, Amanda - Admissions Specialist, Admissions/Financial Aid/Records, Law School

Kenyon, Nathaniel D - Director, Marketing & Communications, Law School

Keough, H Joseph - Lead Computer Operator, Information Technology Services, System Operations

Kervin, Sara T - Work Order Assistant, Work Order Center

Khemraj, Kapildev - Associate Storage Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services, Systems Managemnt

Khemraj, Roopnarain

Kidd, Keith D

Kiddle, Mary-Ellen

Killeen, Michael - Production Manager, Dining Services, St. Mary's Hall

Kinder, T Scott

King, Joyce - Executive Director, Financial Services & Reporting, Controller's Office

King, Veronica

Kleiner, Suzanne

Kling, David E

Kolesnikova, Elena

Kolinsky, Markian P

Kommineni, Vijaya K

Kopellas, Salina - Staff Assistant, Lynch School of Education, Ed. Admin/Higher Ed.

Kozikowski, Chester - Educational Technology Specialist, Law Library

Krause, Peter

Kruckenberg, Seth C

Kruckovs, Zigrida B - Space Planning Support Specialist, IRPA, Space Planning

Kuchar, Thomas A - Research Astronomer, Institute for Scientific Research

Kugel, Peter

Kula, Melia B - Assistant Director, Event Business Systems, Auxiliary Services

Kyratzoglou, Kathleen M - Staff Assistant, Business Law, Carroll School of Management


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