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LaCorcia, Leigh - Human Resources Service Center Representative, Human Resources Service Center

Lacouture, Helen - Associate Law Librarian, Access & Organization, Law Library

Lacy, Patricia A - Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences

Laguerre, Heraldo - Senior Lead Cashier/Line, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Lai, Henry H

Laino, Sandra J - Student in College of Advancing Studies-Grad, class of 2012

Lamb, Maureen A

Larner, Kevin L

Lary, Kevin R - Senior Programmer Analyst, Information Technology Services, Application Svcs

Lau, Shui W - Cashier/Line, Dining Services, Corcoran Commons

Lavoie, Rita - Assistant Manager, Housekeeping, Custodial Department

Lawrence, Michael

Lay, Robert S - Dean, Enrollment Management Dean's Office

Lazare, Glyn - General Service Worker, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Le Blanc, Laura F

Lebedeva, Alexandra

Leclerc, Christina M

Lee, Annmarie - Teacher/ Administrative Assistant, Children's Center

Lennon, Michael J - Athletic Maintenance, Athletic Maintenance

Lepore, Terry-Lynne - Academic Records Specialist, Student Services

Leris, Demetri

Lewis, John W

Li, Ada

Li, Amanda

Li, Bo - Director, X-Ray Crystallography Center, Chemistry Department

Libby, Mary

Lindgren, Timothy C - Instructional Designer, Instructional Design and eTeaching Services

Lopez, Amelio M - Stock/Distribution Worker, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Lovejoy, Jordan - Assistant Director, Annual Giving, Development

Lowery, Laura Anne

Lu, Jian

Lu, Ming - Predictive Analytics/Enrollment Data Specialist, Enrollment Management Dean's Office

Lubianez, Cynthia A

Lucente, Patricia - Graduate Student Services Staff Assistant, Graduate Admissions & Finacial Aid, LSOE

Ludwig, Rigel E - Student in College of Advancing Studies-Ugrad, class of 2015

Lyman, Theresa - Elec. Res. & Systems Librarian, O'Neill Library

Lynch, Daniel Z

Lynch, Ezabel - Administrative Assistant, Connors Family Retreat & Conference Center

Lyons, Alice C - Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences


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