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O'Brien, Barbara - Manager, Finance & Administration, Psychology Department

O'Brien, Donna L - Lead, HRSC Representative, Human Resources Service Center

O'Brien, Michael P - Senior Assistant Manager, Catering, Dining Services

O'BRIEN, Timothy J

O'Connell, Sean - Research Networking Specialist, Institute for Scientific Research

O'Connor, Gail - Administrative Assistant, Corporate and Government Affairs, CSOM

O'Kane, Andrew L

O'Kane, Bernard R - Director, Employee Development, Employee Development

O'Kane, Patricia - Assistant Director, Pre-Medical Programs, Biology Department

O'Keefe, Joseph M - Dean, Lynch School of Education

O'Neil, Cyrus H - Assistant Director, Capital Budget, Plant, Budget Office

O'Neill, James M

O'Neill, Megan K - Associate Director, Restaurant Operations, Dining Services

O'Reilly, Colleen

O'Shea, Leo F

Oliva, Ramiro

Olivieri, Julie - Director, Computing and Training Services, Information Technology Services, Computing Support

Olivieri, Scott D - Manager, Web Support, Student & Academic Application Services, ITS

Olphert, Colleen - Assistant Director, Membership, The Center for Corporate Citizenship

Olsen, Paul - Custodian/General Utility, Custodial Department

Oranc, Cansu - Research Assistant, Psychology Department

Ortiz, Jose

Ovsich, Alexander J - Applications Developer, Information Technology Services, Prod & Data Svcs


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