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Pacheco, Miguel - Assistant Manager, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Pagliarulo, Enrico A - Digitization Specialist, O'Neill Library

Pal, Anupama - Legal Information Librarian / Lecturer in Law, Law Library

Panicker, Jeril

Panza, Rosemary - Grant Proposal & Award Administrator, Higgins Operations and Business Services

Parlon, Patricia A - Administrative Assistant, Law School

Parsloe, Catherine - Project Coordinator, Student & Academic Application Services, ITS

Patrones, Nercy

Patterson, Kristen S - Assistant Director, Graphic Design & Production Se, Office of Marketing Communications

Paul, Richard D

Payan, Oscar

Paznukhov, Vadym - Research Scientist, Institute for Scientific Research

Pekala, Bernard - Director, Student Financial Strategies, Enrollment Management Dean's Office

Pellegrini, Culah J

Pena, Oscar E - Associate Director, Gift Processing, Advancement Information Systems, Development

Peng, Yun

Pereira, John M

Perez, Oscar - Third Cook, Dining Services, Corcoran Commons

Perez, Santos

Perry, Henry A - Director, Office of Project Management, Information Technology Services, Project Mgmt Off

Perry, Megan J

Perry, Pamela A - Cataloger, O'Neill Library

Perullo, Stephen

Petri, William H - Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Pierre, Andy S - Student in College of Advancing Studies-Ugrad, class of 2017

Pierre, Teri R - Accounts Payable Assistant, Procurement Services, Accounts Payable

Pijar, Richard - Manager / Senior Electronics & Instrumentation Eng, Scientific Instrument and Machine Services

Pinarreta, Brian - Assistant Manager, Athletic Concessions

Pine, Gerald J

Pion, Robert - Project Planner, Capital Planning and Engineering

Pise, Christine - Assistant Director, Emerging Technologies & Suppor, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Pita, Mario A

Ponsetto, Daniel P - Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center, Volunteer and Service Learning Center

Pophatsa, Wandee

Porcena, Gesnele G - Technology Support Specialist, Auxiliary Services

Porter, Ken - Technology Consultant, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Porter, Ronald

Postell, Jeffrey S - Patrol Officer II, Boston College Police Department

Pothana, Jyothsnadevi - Statistician/Programmer, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Potterton, Karen

Poulos, Parthena - Administrative Assistant, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Powers, Doris A

Pradipta, Rezy - Research Scientist, Institute for Scientific Research

Priestes, Andrew R

Primpas, Stella

Puri, Manish


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