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Rabelo, Jacqueline F

Radtke, Barbara A - Director, Continuing Education, School of Theology & Ministry, Continuing Educ.

Rai, Harcharan S - Senior Laboratory Technician, Chemistry Department

Ramos, Marlene S

Rapple, Brendan A - Collection Services Librarian, O'Neill Library

Raute, Linda - Administrative Assistant, Law School, Academic Services

Ravichandran, Navaneetha Krishnan - Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Physics Department

Ray, Matthew B - Student in Morrissey College of A&S-Graduate, class of 2019

Raynor, Mario V - Supervisor, Computer Operations, Information Technology Services, System Operations

Rea, Rebecca A - Graduate Programs Assistant, History Department

Read, Catherine E - Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program, School of Nursing

Rees, Dorothea E - Senior Acquistions & Cataloging Assistant, O'Neill Library

Reid, Alden C - Assistant Coach, Sailing, Men's Sailing

Retterer, John M - Senior Research Physicist, Institute for Scientific Research

Rey, Patrick J - Law School Technology Consultant, Law Library

Reyes, Jonathan A

Reynolds, Andrew D - Instructional Designer, Instructional Design and eTeaching Services

Rezzuti, Theresa - Academic Records & Student Employment Specialist, Student Services

Ribokas, Robert G - Senior Programmer Analyst, Applications & Architect Services, ITS

Richard, Cristin F - Assoc. Director,Training,Communications,& ITS Cust, Information Technology Services, Training & Commun

Richard, Susan C - Administrative Assistant, Center for Religion and American Public Life

Richtmyer, David L - Senior Cataloger, Burns Library

Rider, Gail M

Rider, Shane D - Student in Morrissey College, Arts & Sciences, class of 2015

Riehs, Daniel R

Rielly, Kevin J

Rielly, Paul J - Production Manager, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Ring, Michael T - Undergraduate Program / Fiscal Assistant, Psychology Department

Ringuest, Jeffrey L - Associate Dean, Carroll Graduate School of Management

Ritschel, Carolina - Senior Communications Specialist, Student Services

Rivas, Armando - Laundry Attendant, Support Services

Rivera, Madelyn - Nurse Manager, Health Services Department

Rivera, Raymond - Director of Business Affairs, Office of the President

Roberts, Christa

Roberts, Harvey C

Roberts, Terry-Anne

Robichaud, Linda J - Manager of Information Systems, Graduate School of Social Work

Robishaw, John - Electrician, Electrical Shop

Rodriguez, Michael

Rolfsen, Gillian M

Romero, Hector J

Rosca, Camelia - Senior Research Associate, Center for the Study of Testing Eval & Educ Policy

Royer, Mary Ellen - Administrative Assistant, Music Department

Rubin, Naomi E - Digital Imaging/Continuing Resources Assistant, O'Neill Library

Rubinshteyn, Timur

Ruhl, David L - Senior Unix/Linux Systems Administrator, College of Arts and Sciences

Rumbley, Laura

Runyon, Thomas - Senior Construction Project Manager, Capital Projects Management

Ruth, James - Patrol Officer/EMT, Boston College Police Department

Rutledge, Matthew S

Ryan, Amy - Associate Director, Mentoring and Induction, Practicum Office, LSOE

Ryan, Margaret - Senior Research Associate for Academic Policy and, IRPA, Institutional Research

Ryan, Patricia A - Custodian, Custodial Department

Ryan, Ruthanne - Senior Graphic Designer, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center


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