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Sacco, Michael

Sacks, Jennifer E - Programs & Events Specialist, Programs & Events, Development

Sage, Jonathan G - Audio Engineer, Information Technology Services, Media Tech Svcs

Sahaya, Nirmal J

Salmon, Colleen - Administrative Assistant, School Development

Sangurima, Carlos D - Technology Consultant, Information Technology Services, Tech Consultants

Santiago, Mary

Sardon Garrity, Kelly R - Campus Minister for International Programs, Campus Ministry

Sarkodie-Mensah, Kwasi - Manager, Instructional Services, O'Neill Library

Saunders, Troy J - Assistant Manager, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Savage, Brian

Savarese, Dominic M

Schaudt, Barry - Director, Research Services & Faculty Liaison, Research Services, ITS

Schiro, Michael S

Schreiner, Anthony E - Senior Unix/Linux Systems Administrator, College of Arts and Sciences

Schuman, Mark - Credit & Collections/Campus Based Loan Specialist, Student Services

Segala, Maria R

Sellers, Connie - Evening Reference Librarian, Law Library

Sementelli, Nancy S - Staff Assistant, Information Technology Services, Admin Services

Sena, Benvinda - Lead Food Service Worker, Dining Services, McElroy Commons

Shachmut, Kyle W

Sharkey, Gregory

Shear, Joan - Legal Information Librarian / Lecturer in Law, Law Library

Sherwood, Robert A - Special Advisor to the Associate V.P., Alumni Relations

Sholl, M Jeanne

Simmons, Renee M - Senior Accounts Payable Assistant, Procurement Services, Accounts Payable

Simpson, Steven A - Senior Graphic Designer, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

Singh, Simarjeet

Slattery, James P - Manager, Grounds Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance Department

Sletzinger, Sarah E - Help Desk Specialist, Information Technology Services, SLSC

Smith, David A - Custodian, Custodial Department

Smith, Dina M - Patrol Officer II/EMT, Boston College Police Department

Smith, Drew C - Student in College of Advancing Studies-Ugrad, class of 2016

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, John H

Smith, Michael B

Smith, Sean - Editor, Boston College Chronicle, Office of Public Affairs

Smyer, Michael A

Spang, John J - Director, Production & Data Services, Information Technology Services, Prod & Data Svcs

Spang, Judy

Spencer, John

Spiegel, Michael - Circulation Assistant, O'Neill Library

Spinello, Michael A - Manager, Software Licenses & Vendors, Information Technology Services, Admin Services

St Martin, Kenneth J - Operations Manager, Follett Bookstore Operations

St Peter, Lori A - Business Manager, Chemistry Department

Stevens, Aaron Z

Stewart, Lee - Windows Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services, Systems Managemnt

Stuart, Judith L

Sullivan, Brian F

Sullivan, Charles F - Windows System Administrator, Information Technology Services, Systems Managemnt

Sullivan, Ethan A - Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Curriculum, Carroll School of Management

Sullivan, Gail

Sullivan, Giuseppina R - Assistant Manager, Voice Services, Network Services

Sullivan, Mark G - Legal Information Librarian / Lecturer in Law, Law Library

Sundaram, Justine E - Reference Librarian / Bibliographer, Burns Library

Sunden, Annika

Suriel, Julio - Utility Worker 30, Dining Services, Lyons Hall

Swanson, Michael S - Assistant Director, Graphic & Photography Services, Information Technology Services, Media Tech Svcs

Sweeney, Elizabeth P - Irish Music Librarian, Burns Library

Szekely, Ildiko - Assistant Director, Learning Services, Connors Family Learning Center

Szeto, Nora - Budget Analyst, Budget Office

Szydlowski, Nick - Digital Services & Institutional Repository Librar, Law Library


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