E&ES SEM Facility (Devlin Hall 316-B)

Devlin Hall 316 (my office and research lab) was recently renovated to house our new Tescan Vega 3 LMU variable pressure (VP) scanning electron microscope equipped with a LaB6 source and a variety of analytical detectors including: secondary electron (SE), backscattered electron (BSE), cathodoluminescence, and VP-SE.


Our SEM is also equipped with an Oxford Instruments X-MaxN 50 mm2 silicon drift x-ray detector and an Oxford Instruments NordlysMax2 electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) detector for rapid characterization of mineral compositions and crystallographic orientations.


Supporting instrumentation for the SEM lab includes: (1) an EMS 150 TE Carbon-coater with a turbomolecular pump, capable of producing very thin (and reproducible) conductive coatings used in imaging, EDS, and EBSD analyses; (2) a Struers LabPol-5 polisher for making polished grain mounts of accessory minerals for cathodoluminescence imaging; (3) a Buehler Vibromet2 polisher for preparing samples for EBSD analyses; and (4) a range of optical microscopy tools for characterization of samples.

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