Art and Aesthetics in Action
Written by: Professor Severyn T. Bruyn


The Horse on a Hill

The Horse on the Hill
The Horse on a Hill

I studied a wooden horse as my model and sketched it on a hill.
Suddenly the horse began to look like it was on fire, and free.

Although we are mere sojourners on the surface of the planet, chained to a mere point in space, enduring but for a moment of time, the human mind is not only enabled to number worlds beyond the unassisted ken of mortal eye, but to trace the events of indefinite ages before the creation of our race, and is not even withheld from penetrating into the dark secrets of the ocean, or the interior of the solid globe; free, like the spirit which the poet described as animating the universe.

Sir Charles Lyell, Principles of Geology, 1830.

On the Road

Vincent (After himself)

A Peasant (After Vincent)

A Sea of Fire

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A Close Up

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The Horse on a Hill

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Frames of Arborvitae

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