Art and Aesthetics in Action
Written by: Professor Severyn T. Bruyn


The Owner of a Hacienda

Here is that mystery on the “origins” of art. I have no idea how this “head” came from my head. I do not know why this figure was shaped. I did not know what I was doing.

My wife suggested that I put the eyes and ears in the right place and that I should give them the proper shape. Amateurs need help like this.

The Owner of Hacienda   Owner of a Hacienda with Sculptures
The Owner of a Hacienda

This bust looks to me like the owner of a great hacienda. Could this image come from a western movie? Or, could it signal some past life?

At the moment, now, this head says to me:

O, I have pass’d a miserable night,
So full of ugly sights, of ghastly dreams,
That, as I am a Christian faithful man,
I would not spend another such a night,
Though ‘twere to buy a world of happy days.

William Shakespeare, King Henry VI

African Priestess

Black Tom Jefferson

The Owner of a Hacienda

Native American Pipe

Buddha in the Country

The Buddha in the Wood [detail]

Aristophanes and Euripides