The Song of Evolution

Severyn Bruyn

Part I

The Judge stands on the right side of the stage and two Lawyers stand on the left side in shadow, as the choir in the middle, lighted, starts to sing. 

Song (Lyrics)

Poets: How did we begin?

Scientists: From nothing, nothing.

Poets: No. How did get here?

Scientists and Poets: From nothing, Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. No-No thing no. noth-no thing no no-no thing no no-no thing no No-No thing no noth-no thing no no-no thing no no-no thing no

Scientists: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Poets: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Well, Listen. We all, We all came from somewhere, somewhere.

Scientists: It was from nothing. Listen. From nothing, From nothing

Poets: You are wrong. We all came from somewhere. Yes, from some where. Yes, from somewhere Yes, from somewhere. Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen.

Scientists: From nothing. From nothing. From no-thing

Poets: We can tell you about the Most High.

Scientists: We can tell you about the Big Bang.

Poets and Scientists: Yes. Yes a very very big big source sound of (Scientists) Truth (Poets) Life.

Poets Whoa. Whoa

Poets and Scientists: Poets (Bar 433): No one could know the whole truth of how (Scientists: No one knows the truth of all things) we came to be part of this big old universe (No one could know the universe) but we want you to tell us what you know about how we all came we to know be in this world and then we will tell you our tale about One Divine Spirit that lies behind all things.

Scientists: Well, What?

Poets: The Tao, Buddha, Yahweh, God, Allah, Brahman, the Holy One (Scientists: the universe.)

Scientists: Tell us how your story begins

Poets: Our story begins with drums. [Drums sound] Now comes the Bhagavad Gita (Scientists: The Gita) The Gita sung thousands of years ago. Oh seeing your great form with many faces, many eyes, many arms, Mighty Armed, the world is terrified and so am I. Please would you reveal your previous form, Oh god of gods. Oh refuge of the Universe all is pervaded by your Divine Being, Oh.

Scientists: These are just stories of fear and fiction/

Poets: That was just the beginning.

Scientists [Bar 97]: Let us tell you how we all began. Here is our time span. In the first second, there was a light; an explosion like a great sun-star. Yes, and then Yes, Yes, Quarks, Sparks, photons protons, more, Positrons and electrons, all particles, and then there were atoms; hydrogen, helium and all that cosmic radiation of creation with duration, our foundation, galaxies many billion years ago. Say, thirteen billion years ago.

Poets: Wait a minute. In the beginning, you cannot hear a word. You cannot know the chords. You cannot know the Truth. You cannot hear the sounds.

Scientists: Yes, but we see… We see stars ignite so bright, as we sight through telescopes; by measuring gravities in galaxies, we calculate black holes with no souls.

Poets: This story is about you and me. Ah.

Scientists: No Soul, Soul, No Soul, No

Poets: Soul. All about souls, souls, Soul. Now, hear what God said: [in Job] Oh, Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me if you know how are all those foundations laid?

Scientists: We think differently. What can we say? We don't need to be there when the foundations were laid. We can verify what happened by telescopes and by high math.

Poets: “Where wast thou when the morning stars sang together? Tell me who shut up the sea with all those doors?”

Scientists: There are no doors! We have studied the sea with its atomic foundation and we find substantial evidence from fields like physics taught in all our colleges and our universities. We can tell you what we know now. There is evidence from our highest authorities who teach in the framework of science.

Poets: Whoa! Wait! Stay low. “Who scattered wind around the whole earth? Who made the snow? Are you more pure than your maker? Look my days are swift.”

Scientists: Well, Swiftness is a function of relativity. Your religious beliefs are mere fiction.

Poets: Listen to the Almighty.


Federal District  Court (Bar 209)

Scene I What’s the Case?

(Lyrics: Cue Listen to the Almighty)

Judge: (Bangs his gavel)

The court will come to order. Will the Lawyer for the teacher, please begin. Tell your case to the court in your own words.

Teacher’s Lawyer

Your honor, our client has been fired for teaching evolution in Public School number 25.  This action by the school board is wrong. It’s illegal. The school should re-hire her.  She’s a good teacher, a great teacher, and her absence from class is a loss to students.


And the school’s case? Why was she fired?

School Lawyer

Your Honor, she taught religion in biology. This is against the law; it’s against our constitution. Our constitution separates church from state. 

Judge: (Looking gravely at Teacher’s lawyer)

The law says that a school district may exclude a faculty member from teaching evolution – I quote - “if he or she dilutes the scientific story of evolution.” Dilute is a legal term in case law. Your client cannot teach religion in a public school.

Teacher Lawyer:

Your Honor, my client did teach the science. Her case is different because the students sing the story. It’s legal. Singing is a teaching tool. This firing infringes on her right to free speech.

School’s Lawyer:

She is qualified to teach both singing and science. But she mixes them up. Students sing religious beliefs in her singing class and evolution in her science class. But it all comes together as one song to the students.                      

Teacher Lawyer:

Your honor, this is a new pedagogy. Students learn science in school and religion at home. Their parents are very religious and so there is a tension. She teaches them the science of evolution. Then she let’s them express their religious feelings in her singing class. And she tells them, [I quote] “The universe could be a work of art filled with music.”


Tell the court exactly why she was fired.

School Lawyer:

She mixes up these beliefs. The universe is not a work of art. Music is not a science. And the story has no music in it. 


But could music make teaching evolution more interesting?

School Lawyer:

Your honor, music dilutes the science. It complicates the story.

Judge: (Looking at Teacher’s Lawyer)

What do you have to say about that?

Teacher Lawyer:

Your Honor, the students hated science. Now they love it.

Evolution is awesome, your Honor. There is splendor and majesty in this story. And mystery.

Judge: (Looking at School Lawyer)

Mystery! What’s wrong with that?

School Lawyer:

She should just teach biology. Stick to the textbook.

Teacher Lawyer:

Her students are in new territory, Sir. They want to find out how this history goes back to the Big Bang.

Judge: (Looking to the School Lawyer)

What’s the mystery?

Teacher Lawyer:

The evolution of stars is in physics. The evolution of animals is in biology. The evolution of human beings is in anthropology. The evolution of society is in sociology. The theories of evolution in these fields of knowledge do not fit. That’s the mystery. The students want to know how the story comes together.

Judge: (Looking at School lawyer)

What about that? Different theories do not fit?

School Lawyer:

Nobody knows the answer. She should not try to put it all together.

Teacher Lawyer:

This is the point your honor. Students want to know. She is teaching them how to think. They are creating the story.



Poets: So wait. Listen. Our stories may not be too different from each other! We are the children of the universe. Yes. All atoms in the world were born in the stars. And the molecules that formed our birth on earth are now in our body, blood, bones, and brain in all ways. Some think that our evolution has come about with help from Higher Powers. We can teach what poets have said about angels like the Seraphim, bonded with love, faith and purity and Cherubin, guardians of the Akashic Records in a transcendent order. All the Archangels. God's Grace, Guides for each soul, hearing prayers and watching, Watching affairs on Earth to help us heal, we appeal, to take away all pain and to let us all pray as we come to that great judgment day.


Scene II That Great Judgment Day. (Bar 246)

Public School:

Your Honor, students sing about angels! This is unacceptable! It is crazy.

Teacher Lawyer:

Your Honor, it is a new way of teaching. She is tracing the evolution of society. The evolution of music and religious songs is in culture. It is anthropology….(interrupted).

Public School:

Your Honor, religious songs dilute the science.


Is this true? Teaching religious songs?


Your honor, it is called the musicology of science.




She is writing a new musicology. Students sing about the evolution of atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, and human culture and its songs. She does this in her science class. Songs are what make us human.


What’s wrong with that?


Your Honor, she is mixing the sacred music of religion and composing secular music for science. She cannot do this in our school.



Lyrics  Bar 247

Scientists: You cannot teach these things in public schools You cannot teach this in our public schools These things don't represent reality It is against the law to teach religion here It is unconstitutional and wrong. We will take you to court if you teach any of one of these beliefs to our children. We can prove our case empirically by measurements. You cannot break the law or you get locked up. And so listen to us carefully, then come back to reality and common sense. Stop this nonsense. Stop this. Stop this Nonsense. Stop this.

Scientists: Now! Poets:  No

Poets: We can sing our songs in school without your taking us to court. So we can shout "Hark the herald angels sing" Oh Beloved. You threw away the night and filled it all with a great Light.”

Scientists: Your great Light is from atoms exploding and synthesizing.

Poets: We will argue that music has materiality. It has its own reality.


Scene III That’s the Truth  (Bar 326)

School Lawyer:

Your Honor, this teacher says that music is more important than science. I quote: “Music matters more than molecules.” 


Is this true? This would be damning evidence!

Teacher Lawyer:

Your Honor, the best physicists in the world have been musicians. Einstein said that Mozart's music, (I quote) "was so pure that it seemed to have been already present in the universe, waiting to be discovered by the master."

School Lawyer:

This is not relevant your Honor.

Teacher Lawyer

It is, your Honor. Einstein believed (I quote) ”beyond scientific observations lay the music of the spheres …a pre-established harmony… with stunning symmetries. The laws of nature are waiting to be plucked out of the cosmos by someone with a sympathetic ear.” (Unquote) Your Honor, there’s more to the universe than meets the eye.


Interesting. But this teacher must give students the facts.


(Bar 322)

Scientists: We can tell you only what we know from facts and the evidence of history, biology, biometrics, brain chemistry, archaeology, physics, meteorology -- is the real truth now. Secularism is much better than sectarianism. We cannot live with stupid old beliefs from the Middle Ages.

Poets: Oh dear! But could we all sing this song together?

Scientists and Poets (Counterpoint): This is what we see. This is what we see; Carbon, Nitrogen, Iron, (Oh, the Angels sing each day for you) Uranium, gold, silver, lead, acetone, potassium, nitric acid. All the clusters of stars are energies for our own purposes. (Oh, the Angels sing each day for you. That's hubris. We know a majestic Holy One, so high that all suns and stars rage in a passion to be known each day. We all come together to express Thy Will and Purpose on the earth .You were saying)

Scientists: Carbon and Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Iron Uranium, Gold, Silver, Lead Acetone, Potassium, Bisulphate, Methyl alcohol, Nitric acid, were all created in the sky. All suns and stars are energies for us to use. They were created by nature's laws and chance; just by chance.

Poets: We know a majestic Power. All suns and stars are born from Its Presence.  We all come together for a Purpose, by Divine Law, a great Purpose. You were saying.


In the gases of space.


In the greatest Passion.

Scientists: (Counterpoint) In the core of the sun. Poets:  the heart of the Holy One Ah.  Scientists: In the cauldron of stars. Poets: In the Splendor of Thee Scientists: In the ceaseless sea. Poets: Amen. We can see Thy Glory!

Scientists: No!

Poets: Yes! How can we begin to sing together?

Scientists: Evolution, evolution, comes with a synthesis of those elements, atoms, atoms, atoms, atoms, forever.

Counterpoint. Scientists: Cells are born on top of the seas. Poets: Holy, Holy God, Scientists: on ocean floors in bunches of fusions like Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes, Yes, collaborations, Poets: To Thee we pledge our lives. Well, fusion, Scientists: fusion, an early… [Bar 416[ Poets: communion, Scientists: fusion. Here is how it works -- One cell eats the other and stays inside to help it survive. Poets: We see cooperation. An early attraction that is something divine. Scientists: A symbiosis, a kind of natural…an auto-poetic system, an autocatalytic system, Poets: Self-creating, Divine Order, self-sustaining, self-maintaining. The whole is in the Holy. The Holy is in the whole. Oh Tell us how life begins.

Scientists:  Mitochondria binary fission, DNA

Poets: A Trinity

Scientists and Poets in counterpoint: Holy, Holy, Holy, Ha Ho! Ho! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Ha Ha Ha Ho Poets: Give us more facts

Scientists: photosynthesis Poets: In Your light I live each day In Your Beauty, I love Thee. Counterpoint: No Yes No No No. [Bar 454]


Scene IV Yes, No, No. [Bar 455]

School Lawyer:

Your Honor, this professor uses the word “communion.” That’s a religious doctrine. It is not acceptable.


 Is this true? Teaching a religious doctrine? 


The word communion was used, yes, but in good humor, your Honor. They were singing about what happened after the Big Bang: Particles communed with atoms, that is, they fused, and atoms fused into molecules and molecules fused into cells; cells fused into organisms and then organisms came together to make humans. Students are having fun singing about all the fusions and they keep going to higher and higher levels, like “transcending.” But they don’t take it seriously.


So the students understand the humor?


Yes. This fusion preserves all the past elements and transforms them into more complex forms. It is a continuous transcendence.

Public School:

This is crazy your Honor, “ Transcendence.” This is religion.


Is this true? She is teaching about transcendence?

Teacher Lawyer:

Yes, but it does not question science. She asks whether we can again transcend the past in our present stage of civilization. We are animals but something more than that. We could be in danger as Homo sapiens, she says. We need to find our humanity. 


Wow! So her story is about the evolution of humanity.


Your honor, science has nothing to do with humanity! 


It’s history, your Honor. Oxygen and hydrogen transcended their differences to make water. Tiny prokaryotes combined and transcended to make oxygen. Cells combined and transcended into organisms. Organisms combined to make Homo sapiens and here we are. But we are not done yet. We have to find our humanity. It is the story of creation.

School Lawyer:

No!  (Shouts) Your Honor, we do not want creation stories in our school.


I agree. Evolution is not a creation story.


Your Honor! (Shouts in protest.)


LYRICS (Bar 461)

Scientists: We are evolving. Read your chemistry. Covalent metals, soluble salts, polymers chaining proteins, helixed. Combining gametes transposition, decoupling and a complex process in which life can begin.

Poets: Wait! God is in all things.

Scientists: Life begins on earth, first.

Poets: Beyond life on earth. Yes.

Scientists: Earth is where life begins. Check with your biologist… the whole concept of self-replication.

Poets: But we must tell you that the whole universe is full of life. You should believe it Yes. Full of life. You should believe it. Yes, full of life, Yes, you should believe it Yes!

Scientists: No!

Poets: Yes!

Scientists: No we do not believe it. Earth life is born over three billion years ago growing the bacteria and billions of years with complex cells. Six hundred years of fish and land plants, insects, and seeds, amphibians, and birds, one hundred million years of flowers with pistils and stamens, pistils. [Back and Forth] Poets: and stamens. Scientists: pistils Poets: and stamens, Scientists: then birds, bats, bees, trees. Insects.

Poets: God gave sex. We call it pollination. We call it a marriage

Scientists and Poets: That's a civil union. Yes. [We’re] You're right. Right combining into one, co-creation Poets: A-men

Scientists: Sixty million years long, long ago, Dinosaurs died!

Poets: Died! Things die out and life moves along. Go back to your birth. You will hear symphonies deep in the earth.  [Bar 530] Scientists: Hot liquid iron? Poets: Yes, and double bases. Scientists: sizzling fluid beneath the blue ocean. Poets: We hear music there. Scientists: There is no music there in the earth. Poets: You're wrong. Scientists: We're right. Poets: You're wrong. Scientists: We're right. Poets: You're way off. Scientists: We're right on. Poets: We know by our intuition and by daily meditation, mystery through all Creation, Thunder in silence. We hear Thee each day. Our choirs sing to Thy Majesty. The splendor of suff'ring Beauty. [Bar 560]


Scene V: Suff’ring Beauty (Bar 560)

Public School Lawyer

Your Honor! She teaches students that there is music in the ocean, for God’s sake! This is crazy…just fiction. The students sing, (I quote) “Thunder in silence.” We can’t tolerate this nonsense! 


What about that? “Thunder in silence.”


Your Honor, this is about the evolution of poetry. Religion started to evolve when the earliest people heard thunder. They beat tribal drums to this great sound. But then they evolved to become poets and philosophers. The Tao Ching says, “Great sound is silent.” They could hear thunder in silence. 


I do not understand.

Teacher Lawyer:

It requires an “ear” your Honor. The great poet Gerard Hopkins says that sounds can be heard in silence if you listen carefully. 


Your Honor, there is no sound in silence, no thunder in the ocean…and no poetry in biology. I beg you sir…


Students are not taught poetry in this school. Students need poetry to know what the universe is all about.

Judge: (Looking at Teacher Lawyer)

But there’s no poetry in science. She should just teach the science. (Bar 566)


LYRICS (Clue:”Just teach the science”)

Scientists: Wait! In the Triassic Age, in the Triassic Age.

Poets: When was that?

Scientists: Two hundred more million years ago; millions of years ago mammals appeared, like reptiles, dogs, and horses, cats, and then…

Poets Oh (in melody).

Scientists … came the deer, and pigs, monkeys, and birds, raccoons and weasels, and finally we see in the Pleistocene well over a million years ago – Australopithecus and soon: Homo sapiens, sapiens. We are all human. We are human. We are human.

Poets: We are Divine. We are Divine

Scientists: We are human. We are human

Poets: Here for a purpose, a purpose.

Scientists (Counterpoint) for what reason; for what reason! We all came from nothing.

Poets: But we are in a great Presence. Mystics tell the story. Oh. Those webs of smoldering silk you throw around me each moment. They hide nothing. You’re eyes, I see through. Tears are your tender glory you surprise me in each alley. I have begged to go mad; I have! You have made my eyes the sea…Yes. You have made my eyes the sea, the sea…

Scientists: Whoa! Listen. Come back to reality. Read your archaeology. The sounds and signs of animals become symbols for all mankind….

Poets: for human kind

Scientists: We are descending. We are descending Poets: Oh no, Oh no. Ascending, ascending to a heavenly place. It's Logos, Yes, not rational not linear, not cyclical or written down on a printed page or...

Scientists: You are wrong! Read your science. Now!


Scene VI: Read your science. Now! (Bar 662)

School Lawyer:

Your Honor, they sing about some thing called Logos. We have never heard of it. We suspect that it is a religious belief!


Is this true? What does this “Logos” mean?


“Logos” is an ancient word that means the highest Truth. The Greeks invented it. It’s about wisdom, not religion.


Well, it’s certainly Greek to me. (Looking at the school lawyer.)

School Lawyer:

Your Honor: She says evolution is not rational. This is blasphemy. 

Teacher Lawyer:

But she teaches about emotions evolving. Australopithecus could not have understood Shakespeare. Neanderthal could not know the compassion of Buddha or Jesus. Cro-Magnon could not have understood the passion in Beethoven’s ninth. But these students do! They sing it. They love high passion. 




Scientists: Can we talk?

Poets: Please Proceed.

Scientists: Here comes the Stone Age. Then comes the Iron Age. Three thousand years ago. Now (Poets: humming…Aaaa Scientists: gods and goddesses, appear. Language comes with nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. We are speaking.

Scientists: We began with nothing, atoms, and molecules. All the way to animals and with human signs and symbols.

Poets: This is what you think but you know what Job said many long centuries ago. You know nothing about this whole world, so be humble.

Scientists: We are evolving. We are developing. Culture is emerging. Yes.

Poets: Then speak to culture and evolution

Scientists: Let's see. First, ideographs then hieroglyphs and that's done. Now the alphabet and we can all write home. The Bronze Age; then those city states and gods everywhere: Athena, Osiris, and Zeus; kings and queens, emperors with slaves; then serfs and nobles then comes the renaissance, science and the arts, and trade all across the seas; money does exchange. Now! A culture of capital investments growing each day all 'round the world.

Poets:  But you are missing some personal questions.

Scientists: What? What?

Poets: People are fighting; people are tortured, die slow in dungeons, shot through with sickness; and floods and famines. People are suff-'ring. Women are victims. People are cruel. Bloody wars, raging War, war, war, war, and more war, war, war, and more war, war. Why does this happen?

Scientists: We don't know why!

Poets: You know nothing!

Singing back and forth and facing each other: No, no, no, no, Nothing, no-thing, no-thing, nothing No-NO No No-no thing no noth-no thing no no-no thing no no-no thing No No No No No No NO! NO! Nothing nothing nothing nothing no no thing no no thing no no thing no no thing Wrong Right!

Poets: Has culture really changed? We worry. Listen: chainwhip, guillotine, split the knee, press the foot, Chain the neck, Pillory, all used to create pain. Mutilations. Plague on plague, massacres. Murder in the name of goodness. We know all those cases of genocide. All are missing in your story... Feelings of Soul! Well, What do you have to say about this? What do you have to say about this?

Scientists: Oh nothing Just nothing Oh nothing. Just nothing.

(Bar 812)

Part II (Start on Bar 1)

Scene VII: Just Nothing

School Lawyer:

Your Honor, she teaches about pain and suffering. What does this have to do with evolution? This is not biology.


Teaching about pain and suffering? Is this true?

Teacher Lawyer.

The questions started with they dissected a frog in the laboratory class but students’ questions went on and on.  The students asked her: “Why do people hurt each other?” Her students see parents fighting; they watch street gangs, drug pushers, and nations at war on television. So she composed songs about the history of society.

School Lawyer

Your Honor, We have counselors in our schools to help students in trouble. This “suffering” is not science She should teach from the book. She should teach objectively!




We teach history. It is objective, not subjective. We teach objectively, not subjectively but Objectively.


Okay, okay let’s see what this means to us. What do we all have in common?

Scientists: Molecules.

Poets: What?

Scientists: Molecules

Poets: What’s our purpose? Our purpose? Our purpose? The purpose of human suffering! What could be the connection between our stories?

Scientists: Well now, we’re not sure but, Could we say that all those things are social?

Poets: Social? You mean, interdependent.

Scientists: Bound together as a whole.

Poets: Holy, holy.

Scientists: No! not Holy. In the whole scheme of things. “We” are all completely whole, totally whole, completely self-created, Yes, and more.

Poets: More what?

Scientists: Well, organized and self-directed as a whole.

Poets: We think of it Holy right from the beginning. Yes. Right from the beginning. Yes. Holy. Yes. Right from the start. Singularity! Awesome thing. We are born from One Creator.

Scientists: No you cannot teach your idea in public schools in history that’s secular…

Poets: We believe that God created us and we should teach that in school. It might help explain about what this story means to each of us. We all came from somewhere. Yes. From somewhere. Yes. From some where. Yes. transcended. We all transcended. Yes.


Scene VIII Transcended, Yes. Part II [Bar 82]

School Lawyer

Your Honor, this teacher tells students that everything is (I quote) “social, interdependent, self-organized and self-directing.” This is not science.

Teacher Lawyer

Your honor, it is science. Physicists’ talk about how everything is composed of vibrations and that we are all interdependent. Chemists show how chemicals (quote) “self-organize” in test tubes. Biologists describe how animals are self-directing. We are all evolving together.

School Lawyer:

But not transcending!

Teacher Lawyer

From atoms to molecules to cells to organisms, to human consciousness…Your Honor, that is transcending.




Scientists: This story is not about God.

Poets (Counterpoint) What does this story teach us? What are your principles? Scientists: This story is not about God. It’s not about God. Poets: Your principles? Your principles? Scientists: No

Poets: Your principles? What are they?

Scientists: We are animals; we are competing

Poets: And cooperating.

Scientists: and in conflict and fighting for survival

Poets: But how can we live together? So where, oh where do we go in your story? Where? Where?

Scientists: More and more complexity

Poets: No, no, no, no.

What about our humanity? What about our family? What about our future? Tell us!

Scientists: What?

Poets: Tell us our goal; our purpose.

Scientists: What?

Poets: We will tell you more…(the Blues). You know, the principle of change, Yeah, of evolution, is love. You see it when the blues came from Africa as spirituals for us. They mixed with folk and country rhythm and made new songs.  You know they married and made new tunes like atoms fuse into new forms, synthesis, outside the frame of science, in the laboratory of life.

Scientists: Well, you got it pretty right but it’s only a theory. (Bar 140)

Poets and Scientists:

We are children of the universe. All atoms in our body were born in stars and those big galaxies and again on the seas four billion years ago and then as animals and plants on the land, all energies are part of us…. Our bodies have all the elements of the earth.

Poets: Each part of my body carries sounds. Our bodies have music from the universe. Our body is a temple.... We are going somewhere, going somewhere, somewhere. We are going somewhere.

Poets and Scientists: Our body has atoms and molecules all bonded in this old universe; synthesized, transformed before history.

Poet: Our body is a Temple of all things that went before, like iron in our blood needed for oxygen, and to breathe. We breathe to evolve in this universe by working from the inside out…

Scientists: Inside out?

Poet: We evolve from inside ourselves, like the Big Bang, from within. Our body is a temple of all things.

Scientists: We study outside. We study matter, like bundles of nuclei and the medulla, vestibular cells, cerebral spinal fluid and the olfactory nerves….

Poets (Counterpoint) We meditate on all that was given to us by God and so those iron atoms are in our blood and needed to transfer oxygen to our lungs, Yes, and it is like bringing a Great Spirit right into our body.

Scientists: Spinal column, cerebral cortex, liver organ, axons, nerve cells, muscles, tendons…

Poets: Astral body, Angel Body, A Great Spirit. (Scientists: A great body).

Scientists and Poets: (Counterpoint) It’s all the truth. All the truth!

We need to write a new history of nature (different beats here.) Poets: And humanity and we should teach each other about all these principles of science and reason…Scientists: And humanity. We need to learn about the principles of poetry and art.

Poets: The ontology of science, Yes. Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Four Noble Truths and Right Living.


Scene IX Noble Truths and Right Living (Bar 242)

School Lawyer:

Your Honor, this teacher says the human body is a temple. This is not science.

Teacher Lawyer:

It’s a metaphor, your Honor. The body has all the elements created in the universe. The astronomer Carl Sagan said: “We are made of star stuff.”

School Lawyer:

Yes, but a “temple!” Your Honor, that’s religion.

Teacher Lawyer:

The universe is in our body, like a symphony of sound.

School Lawyer:

I can’t hear it.

Teacher Lawyer:

Your Honor, the “Temple” is a metaphor. The body is a synthesis of all that was created in the past; it is the most complex of all fusions. Students sing about this temple. But they understand it is metaphor, like the greatest (quote) “coming together” in natural history.


What do you mean? Metaphor!

Teacher Lawyer:
A metaphor is a fusion, a synthesis of two different things. Like, ”biology” is a metaphor. It puts together Bio (meaning life) and logy (meaning logic). Biology is the logic of life.

School Lawyer:

“Logic of life!” This teacher has gone too far your Honor. 


LYRICS  Bar 244

Poets and Scientists together:

Every stage of life preserves and saves all those forms;

Poets: evolution of the earth and emotions that keep evolving, as we must learn how to love

Scientists: Nonsense.

Poets and Scientists: The kings and lords of land are gone,

Poets: Thank God, they’re gone. The Middle Ages are gone but here come the gods of science.

Scientists: (Counterpoint) Here comes the Age of Reason, Locke, Rousseau. Here comes a new Republic. Thank God. Gone are the Goddesses.

Poets: Now come scientists, gods with no principles.

Scientists: Now come ministers new gods with all those fundamentalist (counterpoint) churches

Poets: Scientists build nuclear bombs. What will you do? Scientists: What will you do?

Poets: Dangerous bombs, nanotechnology

Scientists (Counterpoint) Now freedom, democracy, a new hope.

Poets and Scientists Oh, Oh! We need some new direction and a higher way of living. Yes for ourselves. (Scientists: for Nations.)

Poets: But who are we? This is the key to our salvation and the healing that would need to happen.

Scientists: With whom do we identify? For all…for humanity! (Counterpoint)

Poets: Who are we at this time? We need a lot of healing. We need some conflict resolution.

Scientist: We need world law.

Poets and Scientists: We have much work to find our new identity.


Scene X: New Identity (Bar 317)

School Lawyer:

Your Honor, this teacher says, “Evolution has to do with identity.”

Teacher Lawyer:

It does your Honor. Birds identify with flowers like Bachelor's Buttons and Chrysanthemums. This is how evolution happens. Love is based on identity.

School Lawyer:

There it is again your Honor. “Love, love, love!” It’s like everything depends on it.


Is this true? “Love, love, love.” Science is not about love. It is a quest for truth. You cannot confuse the two.

Teacher Lawyer:

This teacher knows the difference between Love and Truth your Honor. But she asks her students: Can you bring the two together? Can you join them and keep their integrity. She is teaching the logic of life. How can these two forces commune? This is the question she poses to students. It will be there as a challenge for the rest of their life.

School Lawyer:

There you have the problem your Honor. She cannot ask students this question. This lesson in science is only about Truth. It is not about love. And it is not about a greater Life. We rest our case.

Lyrics (Bar 319)

Poets: We’re in a quest toward greater Life.

Scientists: We’re in a quest for greater Truth.

Poets: Our search is inward.

Scientists: Our search is outward. Our search is through the mind.

Poets: It’s spiritual, yes.

Scientists: It’s empirical, yes.

Poets: Our search is through the spirit.

Scientists: Why this suff’ring?

Poets: You are made in the image, the Presence. Presence!

Scientists: Presence!

Poets: In the universe. You know, the Majesty, the Pow’r and the Glory in this universe…

Scientists: Can you just answer us? So why do we suffer in this universe? Do you have an answer? An answer? An answer!

Poets: You should know, the answer is inward, inside you. The music of your soul! And that is our story.

Scientists: It is not our story. But suf’-fring? Why suf’fring?

Poets: Can you live without fear? Without hate. Without rage? If you can, we will tell you how you can live with Majesty, Glory of the One who built stars, mountains, valleys. Now God does now ask that you find in your work why it was done for you, why it was done for you.

Scientists: It was done just for us! It’s not easy.

Poets: Just for you, on purpose, not chance. How did this come to be?

Scientists: How was it all done?

Poets: Why was it all done? (Counterpoint)

Poets: Why was it all done? Scientists: How was it all done? Poets: Why? Why? In all Eternity? Why? Why?

Scientists: At a Time without time, Oh, so how was it done?

Poets: That is our question for you. How was it all done? Why? Why? Why did all God’s work take place?

Scientists: We cannot explain why this all happened here? We came from Nothing, Nothing.

Poets and Scientists: (Counterpoint:  P: Why was it all done? S: Why was this done this way? P. Why did (S: just by chance) we come to be on earth? S: Could there be some purpose?   AUM Amen.

Children come on stage to sing. Gradually the whole audience is singing AUM.

The End