Hi! I am a third year PhD student in Mathematics at Boston College.

My research interests are in Low Dimensional and Geometric Topology.

I am Vice-President of the BC Math Department's Graduate Student Organization for the 2015-2016 Academic Year. In this capacity, I organize the Graduate Student Seminar (see below). I am also President of the BC AWM chapter, which I co-founded with Beth Romano.


As an undergraduate at Brandeis University, I did research in Experimental Economics with Peter DeScioli. This is a paper we published about altruism.


I organize the graduate seminar (G.I.S.T).

GIST Seminars of yester-semester: Spring 2016, Fall 2015


For the Spring 2016 semester, I am teaching Math 101. See Canvas for more details.


I made this isotopy animation! (Want to watch it in reverse?)

I often use pipecleaners to model knots and surface. For example, to understand how checkerboard surfaces for a knot K intersect in 3-space (they intersect along K and in disjoint arcs, where each arc corresponds to a crossing in the knot diagram), I made the following model; the knot is green, while the spanning surfaces are pink and purple respectively. Here is a side view.

My claim to fame.

Some great articles about the triangulation and geometrization conjectures.