MT105 Fall 2005

Reading Assignments

Reading assignments are from A First Course in Calculus, Fifth Edition, by Serge Lang.

A remark on reading:  many students enter the university seeing a math textbook solely as a source of examples and homework.  They skip the exposition, look at the problems done in the text, and then try to do the homework.  Please don't do this!  This book explains the material in a concise and mathematically sophisticated way, and by reading it you will learn to read mathematical writing and increase your own ability to understand and communicate mathematical ideas.  Note that you will need to read the book slowly, not like a novel, and think about what the author says.  The examples in the text are also well-chosen, and I am expecting you to master them.

Week of:

September 7

Sections 9.1 to 9.4


September 12

Section 9.5, Sections 10.1 to 10.4


September 19

Sections 11.1 to 11.3.  Additional reading for this week may be assigned later.

Handout on improper integrals

Notes on Lecture, 9/21/05 (first applications of Integration By Parts)


September 26

Section 11.4

Handout (written by Prof. Reeder)


October 3

Prepare for Midterm on October 7


October 10

Sections 12.2 and 12.3

October 17
Sections 12.4, 12.6.


October 24

Sections 12.7, 13.1, 13.2.

October 31
Sections 13.3, 13.4, 13.5, 13.6, 13.8

November 7
Section 13.7, Section 14.1


November 14

Section 14.2, 14.3, 14.4

November 28

Section 14.5, 14.6

December 5

Section 14.7

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