Math 8891 Graduate Teaching Seminar II

Fall Semester 2014-2015

Professor Solomon Friedberg

Welcome to the Math 8891 course website.  

Prerequisite: Math 8890, Graduate Teaching Seminar I.  (This was numbered MT890 last year.)

Course description:  This seminar is directed at building the teaching skills of second-year mathematics graduate students, focusing on developing the skills needed to successfully teach one's own classes.  Topics include:  preparation of a syllabus, preparation of an examination, assigning course grades, lecture organization and preparation, lecture delivery, classroom management.  The seminar will include both practice and case-studies based discussion.

TextTeaching Mathematics in Colleges and Universities:  Case Studies for Today's Classroom (Graduate Student Edition) by Solomon Friedberg et al.  Issues in Mathematics Education Vol. 10, American Mathematical Society, 2001.  Available from the American Mathematical Society bookstore


Course Location: Fulton Hall, Room 210.

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