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A brief biographical statement:

Stephen Pfohl is a Professor of Sociology at Boston College where he teaches courses in social theory, deviance and social control, women's studies, cultural studies, postmodernism, psychoanalysis, criminology and the sociology of art. Stephen received his B.A. from The Catholic University of America (1971), M.A. and Ph.D. (1976) from The Ohio State University, and was completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University (1981-82). His book Predicting Dangerousness: the Social Construction of Psychiatric Reality was published in 1978 by D.C. Heath, while a first edition of Images of Deviance and Social Control: a Sociological History was published by McGraw-Hill in 1985. Professor Pfohl is also the author of numerous articles and chapters on topics ranging from child abuse, criminal violence and mental health policy to critical social theory, poststructuralist sociology and the politics of postmodern culture.

In 1985 Pfohl, with Avery Gordon co-authored, designed and produced the 35-minute video-text, Criminological Displacements,a study of Michel Foucault's critique of the human sciences. Pfohl's recent work includes, Death at the Parasite Cafe: Social Science (Fictions) and the Postmodern (St. Martin's Press/Macmillan, 1992) and a revised edition of Images of Deviance and Social Control (McGraw-Hill, 1994). Written at the crossroads of social theory and fictive narration, Death at the Parasite Cafe, like Images of Deviance and Social Control,includes photographs, paintings, collages, and video-stills produced by the author in collaboration with other artists. At present Pfohl is at work on a new book? Venus in Video: Cybernetic Capital and Ultramodern Power. A follow-up to Death at the Parasite Cafe,this text explores the impact of new "information technologies" on the social construction of race, class, and gendered hierarchies

In addition to his work as a professor, Stephen Pfohl has had a wide range of experiences outside the university. A founding member of Sit-Com International, a Boston-based collective of artists, social theorists and activists, Stephen has also traveled with a mobile team of researchers investigating health conditions for migrant farm workers, served as an evaluation research consultant for the Ohio Division of Mental Health, and participated in the 1976 court ordered reclassification of all prison inmates in the state of Alabama. From 1989-91 Pfohl was appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts to serve as Chair of that state's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee.

A ten-year Associate Editor of Social Problems and a Corresponding Editor of the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory (CTheory) ,Pfohl has served the Chair of the Psychiatric Sociology Division and member of the Board of Directors of the Society for the Study of Social Problems. In recent years, Stephen has also written and performed a series of "mixed-media" sociological presentations. Performed at a variety of universities, professional conferences, art galleries, and rock clubs, these presentations have increased Stephen's visibility as both a sociologist and an artist. During 1991-92 Stephen Pfohl served as President of the Society for the Study of Social Problems. He is currently the Chair of the Boston College Department of Sociology.

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