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Terri Giuliano Long is a writer, teacher and baseball fanatic. She received her B.A. in philosophy from Boston College and her MFA in creative writing from Emerson College. She’s been teaching for the College of Advancing Studies since 1996. Her first novel, In Leah’s Wake, will be released in the fall of 2005.

In April 2005, Terri had the honor of presenting the keynote speech to the graduating seniors of the Woods College of Advancing Studies. To read the transcript, click here.

Boston College Courses

College Writing
Intro college writing; focus on argumentative writing.

Writing Creative Nonfiction
Creative Nonfiction Writing Class

Friendship: Gift and Challenge
Creative Nonfiction Writing, with friendship theme

Food, Festivals, Famines & Farewells
Creative nonfiction food writing course

Our Families, Ourselves: Writing the Personal Essay
Creative nonfiction, with focus on memoir

Recommended Reading

The Natural by Bernard Malamud

This novel about the legendary Roy Hobbs takes the reader inside the game, exploring the highs and lows in the life of an American athlete, capturing the mythical essence of baseball. Other of Malamud’s novels might be of greater literary significance, but this is my favorite.

Baseball and Philosophy: Thinking Outside the Batter’s Box, Edited by Eric Bronson

This anthology contains thirty-one philosophical essays about baseball. Essays with titles such as “Should Cubs Fans Be Committed? What Bleacher Bums Have to Teach Us about the Nature of Faith” and “Baseball, Cheating, and Tradition: Would Kant Cork His Bat?” explore questions of truth, justice, American identity and human fulfillment.

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