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Boston College Courses

Fall 06- Techniques of Precise Expression
If we hope to be properly understood—whether writing a business memo to an employer, a keynote address for a meeting or convention, a congratulatory note to an acquaintance, or an e-mail message to a friend or family member—our writing must be clear, concise and to the point.

Summer 06- College Writing
Intro college writing; Great Writing Comes From The Heart:
Or, if you want to write well, you can

Spring 06- Creative Nonfiction: Writing The Personal Memoir
Learning the techniques that will help write compelling essays.

College Writing
Intro college writing; focus on argumentative writing.

Writing Creative Nonfiction
Creative Nonfiction Writing Class

Friendship: Gift and Challenge
Creative Nonfiction Writing, with friendship theme

Food, Festivals, Famines & Farewells
Creative nonfiction food writing course

Our Families, Ourselves: Writing the Personal Essay
Creative nonfiction, with focus on memoir


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