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The publishing world has changed dramatically over the past five years. Today, the big publishing houses publish few books that do not appeal to a mass audience. Because of the high risk involved, the corporate giants are particularly reluctant to publish first-time authors.

As in the record industry, small independent publishers are increasingly becoming the home for emerging authors as well as for established writers whose literary or experimental works do not necessarily appeal to a mainstream audience. This is good news for authors—and perhaps even better news for you, the readers.

Unfortunately, small publishers do not have the clout to motivate the major distributors to carry their books nor do they have the money to place ads in major publications such as Publisher’s Weekly or the New York Times. As any marketing professional knows—bestsellers are not written; they are created.

For indie publishers to grow and develop—so that they can continue to bring new voices into the literary world—we need your help. If you read and enjoy a book from a small publisher or an emerging author, please pass the word!

Writing is communication. People reaching other people. That’s what we are about!

Thanks so much for your support.

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Look for my article “Small Press, Big Rewards,” about the changing literary landscape, in a forthcoming issue of Writer’s Digest.


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