Service as Editor and Associate Editor of Journals

Associate Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance (Starting January 2016 to the present)

Co-editor, Special Issue of the Review of Financial Studies (forthcoming) on Entrepreneurial Finance (joint with Kauffman Conference in Entrepreneurial Finance)

Associate Editor, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (starting October 2011)

Associate Editor, Financial Management (2010-2013)

Associate Editor, Review of Financial Studies (2006-2009)

Associate Editor, Journal of Economics and Business

Associate Editor, International Review of Finance

Associate Editor, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies (starting March 2010)

Associate Editor, Studies in Economics and Finance

Editor, Special issue of the Journal of Economics and Business on "Venture Capital, Private Equity and IPOs", Forthcoming, 2010

Editor, Special Issue of the Journal of Financial Intermediation on "New Technologies, Financial Innovation, and Intermediation" (with William Wilhelm), February 2002