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Welcome to the Recruiting Pages for the Boston College Swimming Program.  We made one particular addition a few years ago that was very helpful in both answering questions and helping Prospective Student Athlete's (and their parents) muddle through this process of finding the best college for the four most dynamic years of their young lives. That addition is the first Link below - The Boston College Swimming & Diving - Recruiting Calendar. This page can help you both find out where you are and where you should be in this process. So start there and also use that page as a reference in keeping you on task for helping you make the best choice for you and the next four years of your life. Another addition is a list of some of the NCAA Rules that apply to this Recruting Process. Many of the PSA's that I speak with are not familiar with these ever changing Rules. Understanding these rules will help keep the process working well for you. Also the other below listed pages will provide you with much information about Boston College and its Swimming and Diving Program. BC's Admissions Office made a major change in 2013 by requiring applicants to complete a second essay. Their application pool had reached a staggering 34,000 and they felt that with the common application it was too easy to apply to BC. By adding an essay the total dropped to 25,000 but BC feels it was the right 25,000. Their choice was justified by an increasing number in their yield. I have always thought that BC's Admissions chooses the right kids because they stay and graduate from BC in impressive numbers.

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NCAA Recruiting Rules & Regulations

 Introduction to The Women's Swim Program-20
Introduction to the Men's Swim Program -20
Diving Information
 Choosing Boston College -20
Program Structure and Philosophy-20

Women - Who Swims at BC - 20
Men - Who Swims at BC - 20
Women's 2015 Top Five Times - 20
Men's 2015 Top Five Times - 20
Academics & Swimming at Boston College - 20
2017 - Workouts
Registering for the NCAA Eligibility Center

Initial Eligibility Information

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