Tracy L. Regan, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of the Practice of Economics

Department of Economics

Boston College

140 Commonwealth Ave.

Maloney 320

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

O: 617.552.2339

D: 617.552.3670

F: 617.552.2308


Curriculum Vitae


Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

Evaluation of a Fitness Intervention for New Firefighters: Injury Reduction and Economic Benefits,” with Stephanie C. Griffin, Philip Harber, Eric A. Lutz, Chengcheng Hu, Wayne F. Peate, and Jefferey L. Burgess

-Injury Prevention, 2016, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 181-188.


Self-Employment and the Role of Health Insurance,” with Gulcin Gumus

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-IZA Discussion Paper No. 3952, January 2009


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Relative Deprivation, Income Inequality, and Health Compromising Behaviors in Adolescents,” with Ana Balsa and Michael French

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The Effects of Spanish-Language Background and Parents’ Education on Schooling and Achievement Test Scores,” with Luis Locay and Arthur M. Diamond, Jr.

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-IZA Discussion Paper No. 1927, January 2006


Publications (Other)

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”

-The Heart of this City: Boston Strong and Becoming Stronger, Boston College, 2014 (


“An Overview of Generic Entry and Price Competition in the Prescription Drug Market”

-The Economics of Health Reforms, 2004 (J.N. Yfantopoulos, ATINER, Athens)


Unpublished Manuscripts

“Age, Injuries, and Costs in the Mining Industry: A Case Study for U.S. Gold and Coal Mines,” with Xing Liu, Eric A. Lutz, and Jefferey L. Burgess


Working Papers

“Effects of Bilingualism on Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills,” with Choon Sung Lim


“Foreign-Born U.S. Citizens and Immigration Policy,” with Rosalia Greco


“Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims in the U.S. Fire Service,” with Stephanie Griffin, Philip I. Harber, Eric A. Lutz, and Jefferey L. Burgess


“Modeling Occupational Back Injury and Compensation Costs in Emergency Medical Services Personnel Following Implementation of Electrically Powered Stretchers,” with Stephanie C. Griffin, Philip I. Harber, and Jefferey L. Burgess


“Pseudo-Mature Behaviors, School Activities, and Early Adult Outcomes,” with Choon Sung Lim


Work in Progress

“Child Gender and Parents’ Entrepreneurship,” with Gulcin Gumus and Jungmin Lee


“Product Proliferation and Price Manipulation as Alternatives to the Generic Competition Paradox”



Boston College

EC131: Micro Principles

EC320: Economics of Wage Determination

EC342: Labor Economics, the Supply of Labor

EC358: Industrial Organization, Creation, and Strategy

EC385: Health Economics

UNCS245: “These are a Few of My Favorite (Economic) Things” (Freshman Topic Seminar)


University of Arizona

ECON140: An Economic Perspective (of Current Social Issues)

ECON200: Basic Economic Issues (Micro and Macro Principles)

ECON330: Macroeconomic Institutions and Policy (Business Majors)

ECON332: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Economics Majors)

ECON391: Undergraduate Preceptor Instructor

ECON481: Economics of Wage Determination

ECON422: Introduction to Health Economics

ECON498: Undergraduate Honors Thesis Advising


University of Miami

ECO 211: Economics Principles and Problems (Micro Principles)

ECO 211 Honors

ECO386: Health Economics

ECO680: Essentials of Economics (Micro Principles for MBAs)