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Principal Accomplishments

His past research activity has led to discoveries that include:

  • All atom model captures magnesium-RNA interaction free energy of riboswitches.
  • Structural stability of single and double stapled p53 peptide analogs bound to MDM2.
  • Excess ion atmosphere around SAM-I riboswitch.
  • Dynamics of rare events.
  • Large thermal fluctuations and role of magnesium ions in the ribosome.
  • Lower bound for maximal density of disordered spheres packings in high dimensions.
  • Conformation stability of stapled p53 peptide.
  • Energetics of phospholipid reorientations at the lipid/water interface.
  • Persistence length of tightly bent DNA.
  • Kinetics and structural fluctuations of the ribosome.
  • Ion atmosphere of three-way RNA junction.
  • Tight bounds for preferential interaction coefficient of RNA and DNA.
  • Conformation order of random and evolved RNA sequences.
  • Connection between intrinsic DNA bending and migration patterns of DNA in gels.
  • Hydrodynamics of bent DNA in gels.
  • Proton-disordered configurations of ice that does not satisfy “ice rule”.
  • Debye-Waller factor of high-resolution protein at low temperatures.
  • Connection between fragility index and thermodynamics in glass-formers.
  • Optical Kerr Effect of symmetric-top liquids.
  • Anomalous migration of DNA oligomers in gels.
  • Counterion condensation in ionic oligomers.
  • Connection between adsorption excess and counterion condensation.
  • Renormalization group formulation of Adam-Gibbs configurational entropy theory.
  • Renormalization group description of chemical bonding.
  • Elastic constants of icosahedral quasicrystal.
  • Negative Poisson ratio of materials.
  • Field theory description of Flory-Huggins theory of polymer solution.
  • Real space density wave theory for freezing of simple liquids.

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