Barenaked Ladies



Barenaked Ladies (or BNL) is a Canadian rock band originally formed by Ed Robertson, Steven Page, and Jim and Andy Creeggan in the late 1980s. Stewart joined in 1990 and Hearn replaced Andy Creeggan in 1995. Page left in 2009 leaving the group the quartet it is today.

Early on, the band began to develop its quirky combination of humor injected into an eclectic musical mix of folk and pop/rock songs by opening for comedy acts. Comedic banter between songs and musical improvisation became a trademark for the group. Robertson and Page, especially, included members of the audience in the jokes and it has become a tradition at concerts for the band to "distribute" items, such as boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, to the audience during sets. Although BNL quickly developed a cult following in Canada, it was not until the 1996 single releases of "The Old Apartment" and "Brian Wilson" and the 1998 album release of Stunt that the band found an audience in the U.S. and the U.K. Stunt sold over four million copies world-wide and more than a dozen albums and dozens of Juno, Grammy, MTV, and Billboard nominations followed. BNL continues to tour and spend time in the studio. Their latest album, a collaboration with the a cappella ensemble The Persuasions, was released earlier this year.


  1. Gordon (1992) Gordon album cover
  2. Maybe You Should Drive (1994) Maybe You Should Drive album cover
  3. Born on a Pirate Ship (1996) Born on a Pirate Ship album cover
  4. Stunt (1998) Stunt album cover
  5. Maroon (2000) Maroon album cover
  6. Everything to Everyone (2003) Everything to Everyone album cover
  7. Barenaked for the Holidays (2004) Barenaked for the Holidays album cover
  8. As You Like It (2005-limited release) As You Like It album cover
  9. Barenaked Ladies are Me (2006) Barenaked Ladies are Me album cover
  10. Barenaked Ladies are Men (2007) Barenaked Ladies are Men album cover
  11. Snacktime! (2008) Snacktime! album cover
  12. All in Good Time (2010) All in Good Time album cover
  13. Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before! (2012) Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before! album cover
  14. Grinning Streak (2013) Grinning Streak album cover
  15. Silverball (2015) Silverball album cover
  16. BNL Rocks Red Rocks (2016) BNL Rocks Red Rocks album cover
  17. Ladies and Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies and the Persuasions (2017) BNL Rocks Red Rocks album cover