Victoria Mariconti

Boston College 2015

Welcome to my website! Here you can find some basic information about me, and some great links for researching Dante.

Here are some of my culinary masterpieces. Chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies are a particular favorite, and what are cookies without a cappuccino topped with cinnamon?

  Cookies! cappuccino            
I'm also a huge fan of basketball. I used to dream of playing in the WNBA. These aspirations were crushed when my genetics decided I should stop growing at 5'5''....My favorite team is the Celtics!
Go C's!!

And here is my cat, Boots...well, part of him :)

OK. Let's get down to what you really came for: Mr. Dante Alighieri. The information provided on this website, from my own research to external links, will deal primarily with the influence of Dante's Divina Commedia in the performing and visual arts. The links below will direct you to pages on music, literature, architecture, and visual arts, respectively.

Dante Research