The Diane Weiss Consulting Competition and

Diane Weiss

The Diane Weiss Consulting Competition

The Boston College MBA Consulting Competition, named in Diane Weiss' honor, represents the culmination of semester-long consulting projects, which are a distinctive and unique feature of the Boston College MBA program.  Working in small teams, first-year MBAs consult with area businesses and nonprofit organizations in an experience that allows them to apply their classroom knowledge and technical skills to actual business problems.  The consulting projects cover a wide range of managerial issues client organizations face - everything from marketing to operations to finance.

The Diane Weiss Consulting Competition Fund is an endowment created in 1997 through a generous gift from the Weiss family.  The fund provides a cash prize for the members of the winning team and supports a scholarship for an MBA/MSW student, among other initiatives.

Diane Weiss (1959-1986)

Born in New York City on May 24, 1959, Diane Hope Weiss was the daughter of Warren and Jane Weiss.  She attended Hunter College High School, an elite public school in New York, before entering Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.  An excellent student, Diane graduated magna cum laude from the College of Letters and was awarded high departmental honors.  Her concern for others led her into the "helping professions," and she held positions in a women's health center, a community service agency and ultimately, the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare.  Her career goal was to become a human services manager in a position that would allow her to use her considerable planning and analytical skills.

This desire brought her to Boston College, where, in fall 1982, she began work toward a joint MBA/Master of Social work degree.  At the Graduate School of Management, her academic ability and managerial talents blossomed.  She was oral competition leader for her consulting group, which placed first among the 1984 teams.  She earned the highest GPA in her graduating class. She was research assistant to two professors.  All this while struggling with the early stages of a disease that would eventually be diagnosed as a form of cancer.

She received her degree in May 1985, and was married in June of that same year.  Following her graduation Diane pursued her dreams by accepting a full-time position at the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare, where she had worked part-time during her last year in the graduate program.  In November 1986, she succumbed to cancer.

Diane Weiss was a caring person who dedicated her life to helping others and pursuing managerial excellence.  While her life ended before she could fully utilize her considerable talents, her brilliance and concern are remembered by many.

On May 1, 1987, the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare selected Diane to receive posthumously the Commissioner's Compassion Award.  The award, which honors unique acts of service to clients, cited her "remarkable courage and profound concern for the poor of the commonwealth."  Also in May of that year, the Boston College MBA Consulting Competition, which had formed such an important part of her graduate studies, was named in her honor.