James A. Woods, S.J.
College of Advancing Studies

William J. O'Keefe

Fall 2013

Course AD 709 - New Technologies: The Future Today

Course Objective:

The speed, mobility and convenience access to emerging technologies is forcing a shift in the landscape to faster and smaller platforms. Course explores the impact of increased mobility, miniaturization, new software design as well as the evolving procedures and software requirements. Examines how to make acceptance of these changes more efficient to effect a dynamic transition from the traditional to the more sophisticated technologies.

This course is in the hybrid distance learning format, consisting of six (6) on site sessions instead of the standard fifteen (15) sessions. The Woods College of Advancing Studies website will soon show the syllabus and basic information about the Fall 2012 course. The required Current Readings and other pertinent information will be posted on the class Blackboard Vista secure server.