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MB145 Spring 2008
MB127 Spring 2009


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William B. Stevenson

Associate Professor
Organization Studies Department
Carroll School of Management
Boston College
telephone: 617-552-0458

Bill Stevenson is an associate professor in the Organization Studies Department at Boston College.  He conducts research on organizational design and networks of communication and influence within and between organizations.  He is currently conducting research on how boards of directors make decisions, and how interest groups form networks to conduct environmental policy.

His recent publications and presentations include (All papers are in Adobe Acrobat pdf files. If you need to download a free reader go here.) :

  • William Stevenson and Robert F. Radin. Social Capital and Social Influence on the Board of Directors. Journal of Management Studies, (2009), 46(1):16-44.

  • Robert Radin and William Stevenson. Comparing Mutual Fund Governance and Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance: An International Review, (2006), 14(5): 367-376.
  • Jordi Trullen and William Stevenson. Strategy and Legitimacy: Pharmaceutical Companies’ Reaction to the HIV Crisis. Business and Society, (2006), 45(2):178-210.
  • Guest Editor of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Special Issue: Planned Organizational Change and Organizational Networks, (2003), 39, Table of Contents.
  • The Front Stage and Backstage of Organizational Change: Formal Change and Network Change (with Jean M. Bartunek and Stephen P. Borgatti) Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, (2003), 39(3): 243-258.
  • Nationality, Cultural Distance, and Expatriate Status: Effects on the Managerial Network in a Multinational Enterprise (with Ivan M. Manev) Journal of International Business Studies, (2001), 32(2): 285-303.
  • Balancing Ties: Boundary Spanning and Influence in the Organization's Extended Network of Communication (with Ivan M. Manev) Journal of Business Communication, (2001), 38(2) :183-205.
  • Agency and Social Networks: Strategies of Action in a Social Structure of Position, Opposition and Opportunity (with Danna Greenberg) Administrative Science Quarterly, (2000), 45(4) :651-678.




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