Current research is in the area of infrared spectroscopy of novel systems, including density wave oxides, high temperature superconductors, and artificial metamaterials. The spectroscopic techniques utilized to carry out these studies are predominately Fourier transform spectroscopy and terahertz time domain spectroscopy. We have constructed custom optical systems used for Fourier transform spectroscopy in high magnetic fields (9 Tesla) and in various reflection and transmission geometries.

We utilize several instruments for determination of the optical constants of materials. The main instruments are a Fourier transform interferometer, a terahertz time-domain spectrometer. Additionally we have a 10 Tesla superconducting split-coil magnet capable of measurements from THz to optical frequencies.

Collaboration with various group fabricating exotic materials allows us to measure samples such as high temperature superconductors, spin density wave oxides, heavy fermion materials, semiconductors, etc.

We have been working on artificial electromagnetic materials at THz frequencies. The goal is to demonstrate high performance materials for novel terahertz devices.