Computer and IT skills have been my weakness throughout my life; typing words and searching through Google are all I can do with my computer. Having never had any opportunity to take classes regarding computer skills, I always wanted to explore the field of computer science, or the internet at least. Taking this course without any prior knowledge in this field intimidates me but I would love to challenge myself to learn web development so that I can use computer and internet more efficiently than before. I am currently under a pre-dentistry program and hence planning to go to dental school in the future. Web development may not be much in use in my field, I would like to learn new information and knowledge for development of myself. I hope to learn how much the internet has been improved in short period of time and become a part of our lives, as well as technical skills to use it. It would be interesting to discuss about powerful source that led to a fast development of the internet and web. Moreover, internet has become a part of our lives. However, I still do not understand how development of the internet made us more dependent on it comparted to the past. Last but at least, it would be interesting to talk about disadvantages of the internet, and its side effect resulted from development.