Personal Statement

Learning how to type utilizing keyboards was my first encounter with computer. During my elementary education, I learned how to use search engines to utilize materials that were provided from the past. Becoming accustomed to utilizing search engines has allowed me to gain access to explore the world through the internet, which has become a basis for my undergraduate education. However, while I have learned how to utilize the internet in order to find resources I needed, I realized I did not know the foundation behind the internet. As our society requires us to learn history and the foundations of any disciplines in order to make a progress, I wanted to study both the history of the internet and the fundamental principles behind it in order to expand my ability to use internet.

In addition to learning fundamentals of internet, I would like to learn how to efficiently use such resources without violating the rules that can negatively impact on the lives of the others. For it has been years that the internet has been sometimes used to abuse others whether intentionally or not, I would like to learn how to securely use internet to benefit most of the population and to protect my privacy from others.

For advancement in technology has allowed contemporary society to attain an access to internet not only through the monitor that is connected to desktop computer, but also through our hands with smartphones, I realized the importance of IT and web development in our everyday life. While I am majoring in Biochemistry and have a goal to work in a dental field, I find that IT and web development would continue to have a significant influence in those disciplines. By taking this course, I not only desire to gain knowledge in web-development, but also want to apply my knowledge within dentistry to enhance my goal to serve and communicate with patients.