The Role of Dante in Pop Culture                       

Since writing the diving comedy, Dante and his work have contributed significantly to culture up to the modern day era.  People have drawn inspiration from the comedy in fields such as architecture, sculpture, painting, music, graphic design, movies and many more.  From references to the ninth circle in video games such as Halo 3 to architects of the 18th century, Dante has inspired many.  We see this influence across many fields.  Two fields that are notable are those of the present day gaming world and François-Auguste Rodin's famous sculture, The Gates of Hell.

Much of Rodin's work was inspired by that of literature and poetry of the classical age.  Many of his sculptures were of figures or scenes depicted in the great classical works, as is evident by The Gates of Hell.  After a trip to Florence, Rodin began his work on the sculpture.  Rodin's primary goal was to translate and display Dante's words as a piece of artwork.  "As an avid reader of Dante - Rodin was known to carry The Divine Comedy in his pocket  - his choice was a relatively straightforward one; his theme would be Dante’s Inferno, and the door he would execute would be called The Gates of Hell."

Dante's influence on pop culture is also displayed through the video game "Inferno" that was released by Visceral Games and EA games in 2010.  The game's primary storyline is that the main character has to fight his way through Dante's inferno to gain his freedom.  Most of the characters involved are truthfully depicted from the Divine Comedy.  Thus, it is easy to see that this work is held as a timeless piece as the youth of the world learns of the story through gaming in the present day.


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