Iwo Jima

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World War 2 The worst war in modern history.
Some quick facts on WW2:

Brief overview on World War 2

It was December 7, 1941, a day that america will never forget. The japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Only a few hours later the U.S. Congress would declare war bringing the United States into World War 2. Ask any person you meet walking down the street and every person you ask will know about it. With an estimated 45 to 60 million people dying in just 6 years it was the deadliest and bloodiest war ever. While many historians will give you different reasons as for the start of WW2, many agree it was due to WW1. After WW1 a lot of peace treaties where made to try and make the world a safer place. Germany and the axis where the losers of the war and lost a lot because of it. Germany lost 1/6 of its land and was forced to pay a lot of money for all the damage it caused. A lot of Germans became unemployed and the German money got so low it was almost worthless. this left many germans angry and paved the way for Adolf Hitler to rise to power starting in 1933. Hitler started to create more and more armies in Germany and turned the country into a Dictatorship. He wanted to expand his country and gain more power so he started to conquer parts of Europe beginning with Austria. He then moved to Czechoslovakia and eventually in 1939 Germany invaded Poland and WW2 began.

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